Complaint Letter for Telephone not Working

By | October 4, 2022
Complaint Letter for Telephone not Working

Complaint Letter for Telephone not Working for the last three months requesting him to get the fault repaired. Also Read Complaint Letter Mobile Phone regarding phone which was poorly produced and stopped working within a week of purchase

1.You are Rohit Bajaj, living at A-IQ MIG Flats, Gurgaon. Many telephones of your area are dead for the last three months in spite of several complaints. Write a letter to the Area Manager Telephone Nigam Ltd., requesting him to get the fault repaired.



A-10, MIG Flats


February 10, 2020


 The Area Manager

 Telephone Nigam Ltd.




 Subject: Complaint against non-working of telephones

On behalf of the residents of MIG flats, I would like to draw your kind attention towards the non-working telephones of our locality. It’s been three months now. Several complaints have been filed, but till date, no action has been taken to redress our grievances.

The linesmen too are a bunch of crooks. They ask for ‘money’ bluntly, even in the presence of line supervisors. We are feeling disgusted with their behaviour and utter neglect of duty.


I request you thus to arrange a survey of the area and get the fault repaired at the earliest. The residents of the area pledge to provide a helping hand to the team deputed by you for this purpose.

Yours faithfully

 Rohit Bajaj

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You are Narendra / Sheela staying at 3 Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur. Last year, you bought a Telephone Answering System with Facsimile from the ‘Electronic World’ of Chandigarh, with a warranty of 2 years. Now you discover that there is something wrong with the answering machine. It doesn’t record the caller’s message. Write a letter to the dealer complaining about the problem. Also request him to replace it, if needed, against the warranty that goes with it.                                                               

3 Jawahar Nagar



29 Dec. 2003.

M/S Electronic World


Subject — Defective Telephone Answering System

Dear Sir


Last year I bought a Telephone Answering System with Facsimile from your showroom at Chandigarh. The cash memo issued by you bears serial number 186 dated 15.11.2003. The set was bought against a warranty of two years. It worked so-so for a couple of months and then started giving all sorts of trouble. Now I find that there is something gravely wrong with the system, and it doesn’t recoil the caller’s message. Since the set is yet within the warranty period, it is requested that the set may be replaced with a perfectly working one. Kindly have the replacement done at your earliest and oblige.

Yours faithfully



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3. You are Anoop Ahuja resident of 76-Majestic Apartments, Worli Road, Saket. Write a letter to the Health Officer of Municipal Corporation. Delhi, complaining about unsanitary conditions in your locality.


76- Majestic apartments, Worli Road, Saket

New Delhi

March 02, 2020

Senior Health Officer

 MCD. Delhi

Sub: Complaint against unsanitary conditions in our locality




Through the column of your esteemed daily, I would like to draw the kind attention of the concerned authorities and common masses towards sad sanitary conditions of my locality. I am a resident of Saket.

The sweepers have not visited the locality for the last several days. The dirty water of drains is overflowing. This gives out a foul smell. I am afraid; an epidemic may soon break out.

If possible please pay a personal visit to the locality and help us in this matter and bring out the residents from hell.

 Thanking you,

 Yours faithfully

 Anoop Ahuja

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