Detailed A Street Quarrel Paragraph

By | November 14, 2022
A Street Quarrel

A Street Quarrel are a type of verbal conflict that can happen in public areas. To avoid conflicts, many people will do things such as avoid eye contact, step away from the situation, or ignore the other person.


 Yesterday, there was a serious quarrel between two women of our street. Kamla’s son and Bimla’s daughter. Bimla’s daughter went to her mother and told her that she had been beaten by Kamla’s son. This was too much for Bimla to bear. She came out in the street and slapped Kamla’s son. He started weeping and told this to his mother. Kamla came out in the street. Bifida was already there. Now both of them started abusing each other in big words and shouts In a few minutes, the women of the whole street gathered around them. It was a free entertainment show for them. The two women did not remain satisfied with abusing each other only. They abused even the forefathers of each other. From hot words, they came to blows. They pulled each other’s hair and tore each other’s clothes. At last, some old women of the street intervened and requested them to stop the quarrel. The two women went into their houses, still abusing each other.

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Paragraph on Street Quarrel- 100 Words

There was once a street quarrel that went on for hours. The two people involved in that argument were so mad at each other that they couldn’t stop yelling and swearing. Within no time the condition went bad to worse and they their oral fight got converted into physical fight and they started slapping each other.
Eventually, the police had to be called in to break up the fight. The whole thing was extremely frustrating for everyone involved. Everyone wanted it to end, but it just kept going on and on. In the end, nobody came out with their dignity intact. They were all angry and frustrated, and there wasn’t anything that could be done about it.

Street Quarrel Paragraph- 150 Words

Street Quarrel Paragraph- 150 Words

The neighborhood was always lively at night with the sound of laughter and people talking. But on that night, something was different. There was a heated argument going on between two men on the street corner. They were screaming and cursing at each other, and it seemed to be getting increasingly violent. One of the men suddenly pulled out a knife and started lunging at his opponent, who fought back with all he had.
The fight spilled into the busy street, and soon there were cars speeding by and pedestrians running in every direction. It looked like things could get very dangerous very quickly. Luckily, someone saw what was happening and ran over to help the victim. He managed to disarm the attacker before he could do any more damage, and then took him into custody. Hopefully, he’ll be able to get justice for what happened tonight.

Small Paragraph on Street Quarrel

There was a nasty street quarrel that happened recently. The two people involved were both very angry and didn’t seem to be able to calm down. They shouted at each other and even threw a few punches before things finally got out of hand. Ultimately, the fight turned into a physical altercation that ended with one person being taken to the hospital with serious injuries. The whole thing could have easily been avoided if either party had been willing to listen and compromise. Instead, they both ended up getting hurt in the process.