116. Reading Skills Comprehension: International Trade Fair

International Trade Fair

Read the passages given below and answer the questions that follow them:                    

Preparations are in full flow at PragatiMaidan ahead of the 36th India International Trade Fair (IITF) to be held from November 14-27 in the capital. President Pranab Mukherjee will be inaugurating the fair this year, which expects to see over 7000 participants. Commerce and industry minister NirmalaSitharaman will also preside over the inaugural function of India Trade Promotion Organisation’s (ITPO) annual flagship event.

The partner country this year will be South Korea, while the ‘focus country’ will be Belarus. The partner states will be Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand, while Haryana will participate as the ‘focus state’. In total, over 150 companies from 27 countries are expected to take part in the fair.

“Handicrafts, handlooms and other Make in India initiatives will be a key feature. Over 27 different countries will also have representation this time around, so people visiting can expect a diverse range of items,” said an official. All states and union territories will see participation in the fair this year, with the theme of Make in India” projected on a large scale at the two-week event.

A CAPART Pavilion of the Ministry of Rural Development will also be seen this time, with around 800 rural artisans and craftsmen present, and 100 artisans represented through the National Minorities Development and Finance Corporation.

Among the new initiatives at IITF, online ticket booking will be available for all days, while a mobile app has also been launched which people visiting can use to check enclosures and details about the trade fair.

Seven new telecom towers have been added for better connectivity inside. The theme of the trade fair this year will be ‘Digital India’ to highlight the country’s efforts to switch to digital technology and e-governance. Due to the current cash crisis, ITPO will also have 18 ATMs present inside the venue instead of 7.

“Digital India is our theme this year. All new schemes launched by the ministry of commerce and industry will also be highlighted for the people, along with all incentives available under them,” said an official.

 Tickets for visitors will cost 60 for adults and 40 for children, while a seasonal pass can be purchased for f 1800. Entry for senior citizens (above the age of 60) and the disabled will be free from November 19 onwards.

 People can also buy tickets to the IITF from all Metro stations. There will be additional ticket counters at the PragatiMaidan Metro station and also within the premises of IITF.


I. Answer briefly:                              

1. How many participants are expected to take part in the 36th India International Trade Fair?

2. Which will be the ‘partner’ country and the ‘focus’ country in the Fair?

3. Which theme will be projected by all states and union territories at the Fair?

4. What is the entry-facility given to the senior citizens at the Fair?

II. Vocabulary:      

1. Synonym for the word `feature/main subject’ in the passage is:

 (a) theme                   (b) section                   (c) category                 (d) scale

2. The word in the passage meaning a ‘new beginning’ is:

(a) initiative                (b) start                       (c) operation               (d) switch

3. The synonym for ‘handicapped’ is:

(a) disabled                 (b) weak                     (c) physically injured   (d) ill

4. Opposite of the word ‘diverse‘ is:

 (a) similar                  (b) homogeneous        (c) exact                      (d) different

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