44. Reading Skills Comprehension: Hot Weather

By | July 29, 2020

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Hot Weather

Read the passages given below and answer the questions that follow them:                             

Despite the hot weather in Karachi, a large number of visitors visited the News Education Expo’ 16 on its first day on Friday.

Students, who recently appeared for their annual board examinations, arrived with their parents to inquire about admission policies and courses offered by the local higher educational institutions as well as foreign-based universities.

The three-day education exhibition is being held at the Expo Centre and many leading local institutions, as well as consultants of various foreign universities, are available to guide students.

Provincial information and archives adviser MoulaBakhshChandio, the Chief Guest of the event, told The News after inaugurating the exhibition that the Pakistan People’s Party-led provincial government had been striving to increase the standards of education and in the past few years it had allocated a large amount of money for this purpose.

“In the upcoming annual budget, the Sindh government will again allocate a major chunk of funds for the education sector,” he added.

 The adviser said he could not share the exact figure which would be allocated for the education sector but he believed it would be sufficient to run the affairs smoothly.

“The teaching staff and others will get increments for sure.”

Chandio appreciated the efforts of the Jang Group for constantly arranging education exhibitions in different cities, particularly in Karachi. “Gathering different educational institutions under one-roof is helpful for parents and students as well as those who set up their stalls.”

The adviser said spreading education was necessary to rid the society of evils. “An educated society assures financial growth and a peaceful environment.”

One of the visitors, Mustafa Adil, said that he has appeared for his intermediate examinations and he was visiting the exhibition to learn about courses and faculty members of educational institutions.

Faisal Haroon, the manager of admissions and public relations at the Iqra University, said counselling was very important for students before their admission.

“Such events are helpful for students as well as us, who come and set up their stalls as it gives opportunities to interact closely. Unfortunately, students don’t have such platforms available to interact with universities’ officials, so this is a good opportunity for them,” he added. “

The universities’ representatives inform students about the courses, the scope of the fields and also give them career-related advice besides marketing their institutions.

” Haroon said the Iqra University offered to teach in up to eight disciplines and was declared the best institution for business administration studies by the Higher Education Commission last year. “

The Iqra University also provides the best hands-on experiences to its students enrolled in media studies as it has the latest and state of the art technical equipment and is not only limited to print or electronic but also exploring other media too.”


I. Answer briefly:

1. Why did students come with their parents to the News Education Expo?

2. Who are available to guide students?

3. Do students have such platforms available to them to interact with the university’s officers?

4. What does the Iqra University provide to students?

II. Choose the most appropriate meanings of the given words/phrases from the options provided:


(a) expo                       (b) show 

(c) concert                   (d) demonstration

2. Collection of historical records

 (a) museum                (b) library

(c) manuscripts           (d) archives

3. giving advice

 (a) counselling           (b) advising

(c) suggesting              (d) moralising

4. The opposite of the word ‘unlimited’ is:

 (a) limited                   (b) limitless

(c) limit                        (d) endless


I.1. Students come with their parents to the News Education Expo to inquire about admission policies and courses offered by the local higher educational institutions and foreign-based universities.

2. Many leading local institutions, as well as consultants of various foreign universities, are available at the Expo to guide students.

3. Unfortunately, students don’t have such platforms available to them for their guidance as are available at the Expo.

4. The Iqra University provides the best hands-on experiences to students not only state of the art technical equipment but also educate them to explore other media too.

II. I. (a) Expo

2. (d) archives

3. (a) counselling

4. (a) limited

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