14. Reading Skills Comprehension: Benefits of Yoga

By | October 18, 2022
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   Benefits of Yoga

Read the passages given below and answer the questions that follow them:                    

Yoga is the ancient Indian system to keep a person fit in body and mind. It is basically a system of self-treatment. According to the yogic view, diseases, disorders and ailments are the results of some faulty ways of living, bad habits, lack of proper knowledge and unsuitable food. The diseases are thus the resultant state of a short or prolonged malfunctioning of the body system. Since the root cause of disease lies in the mistakes of the individual, its cure also lies in correcting the mistakes by the same individual. Thus yoga relies entirely on the effort of the patient to cure himself. The yoga expert shows only the path and works no more than as a counsellor. The yogic practice of treatment comprises three steps namely proper diet, proper yogic practice and proper knowledge of things concerning the self.


1. What is the benefit of yoga?

 (a) keeps a person fit in body and mind

(b) provides a job to the person

 (c) provides entertainment to the person

(d) keeps a person rich

 2. What causes diseases, ailments and disorders?

 (a) bad habits                         (b) labour jobs

 (c) exercise                            (d) good diet

3. What does yoga rely on entirely?

(a) allopathic treatment                    

(b) good diet

 (c) an effort of the patient to cure himself (d) medical treatment

4. How does a yoga expert work?

(a) guide                      (b) teacher

 (c) physician               (d) counsellor

5. Which one is not the part of the yogic practice of treatment?

(a) proper diet

(b) proper yogic practice

 (c) proper knowledge of things

(d) proper medical treatment

6. Yoga is a system of

 (a) medical treatment

(b) self-treatment

(c) surgical treatment

(d) homoeopathic treatment


1. (a),


3. (c),

4. (d),

5. (d),

6. (b).

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