ASL Topic n Short Essays with Example on – Science in the Service of Man

By | July 14, 2021
science in the service of men

   Science in the Service of Man

(The following speech is perfect for 1 min. to 1.05 min)

The first scientist was the caveman who picked up a stone to kill a deer- he made something to serve his purpose. Science made advancement in the sharpening of stones to serve as weapons, making fire by striking one stone against another. Man gradually made machines to serve him and today these machines are so much with us that we cannot do anything without them. Science is all around us. We are living in an age of science. It is difficult to think of human progress without scientific inventions. These inventions have brought about a great change in the life of a man. Wonderful inventions in medicine and surgery have made life healthier and happier. Diseases which were considered to be incurable in the past are today easily cured. Plastic surgery and transplant of such vital organs as heart and kidney are of great help. Inventions in the field of transport and communication have conquered time and space. Isn’t it thrilling to watch a cricket match being played in England or Australia in our drawing room telecasted with the help of satellite?

Q. Do you really think that science helps us without any harm?
A. Actually, I am partially not convinced with your view as I think that science is a good servant but a bad master and it is up to us that we become the slaves of it or treat it as a servant. Excess of everything is bad.

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