ASL Topic n Short Essays with Example on- Make in India

By | July 30, 2020
Make in India

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Make in India

(The following speech is perfect for 1 min. to 1.5 min)

Make in India plan is an initiative by the Indian Government to give foreign investors a chance to invest in India in various fields of business. It aims at attracting capital and technological investments & product manufacturing in India by the multi-national and national companies to boost up the Indian economy. The primary objective of making in India policy is to create manufacturing firms within India including the sectors like automobile, aviation, biotechnology, defence manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, ports, railways, textile and much more. This effort was made by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi on 25th of September, 2014 at Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi directly to increase the employment opportunities in India and make our nation a global manufacturing hub. It was launched a day after the Mars mission when PM was to go on his first visit to the USA as prime minister of India. It is a big praiseworthy step taken by the government of India to reduce the level of unemployment faced by the youths of the country and provide India with an economic global recognition. I myself support the make in India Programme with a full heart.

Qu1. Do you think that it is going to lead India towards an effective goal?
Answer- I think that it is surely going to lead India towards an effective goal as well as grow the Indian economy ahead. As we can see that there is a long list of made in India companies including Alibaba, Xiaomi, BP Petroleum, Celkon, Foxconn Technology, GLA. Doesn’t it indicate that the rightful is being done?

Qu2. Will it be effective in reducing the poverty level?
Answer- It provides a successful track of employment to the youths which are going to fill the pocket of them in this way it will surely help in reducing the poverty level and other social issues in India.

Qu.3 According to you are the big businessmen of India going to take interest in it?
Answer- It is quite clear with the presence of the top industrialists of India including businessmen such as Mukesh Ambani, Kumar Mangalam Birla, Cyrus Mistry, Azim Premji, the time of its launching with great deals in New Delhi.

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