ASL Topic n Short Essays with Example on- Demonitisation

By | July 17, 2023


(The following speech is perfect for 1 min. to 1.5 min)

Demonetisation, as we all know was announced by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on November 8th. It was a bold step which aims at eliminating black money, counterfeiting currency, black enterprise, black marketing and terror financing. I agree that it has a bad effect currently but with a great belief I can say that it is just for a short term. Long-term effects are really very good in fact it showed its brighter side right from the 8th of November. Although there was 7 per cent growth in GDP of Indian Economy in 2016-17. Even the World Bank has said that it will lead to India’s Economy and India will be the fastest-growing economy in the world bypassing China. The total indirect tax rose to rupees 1.6 billion within 4 days after November 8th. Demonisation has led to a drastic fall in black money, terrorism, human trafficking and other types of exploitation. Even the RBI’s governor Urjit Patel and finance minister Arun Jaitley and many more are in the favour. People who have or had money were trying to pay more and more advanced taxes. Also, the railway minister noticed that the number of railway tickets was bought by people of 1st A and 2nd A-class seats for the same reason. Railways then announced that no person can buy tickets of more than rupees 10000. From the above facts, we can also see that people were trying to give a boost to the GDP by getting rid of their black money. In the end, I want today that Demonetisation has some current and bad impacts but it will prove itself to be very beneficial in the upcoming years.

1. Do you think the evil of corruption and black money will be completely ended in this way?
Answer- The minds of people can be changed but up to a limited extent. As far as the eradication of corruption and black money is concerned it needs the cooperation of the people. We can expect the last breath of corruption and black money only when people are fully determined to leave. It can do a lot but the complete end is on the will of people.

2. Overall, what do you think about the government’s moves to tackle black money?
Answer- I am fully agreed with the action taken by PM Narendra Modi. The first calculative action against black money holders and majorly corrupt politicians. I will request all Indians to bear with a shortage of currency for a few days as requested by PM for the good and clean economy.

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