1.ASL Topic n Short Essays with Example on- Child Labour

By | July 30, 2020

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Child Labour

(The following speech is perfect for 1 min. to 1.05 min)

India is, unfortunately, the home of the largest number of child labourers in the world. Far more, unfortunately, this number is continuously increasing. The census found an amazing incre ase in the number of child labourers from 11.28 million to 12.59 million in the 2011 census.

 Children toil for 14-16 hours a day in cottonseed production across the country, 40% of the labourer in the precious stone cutting sector are children. They work in the mining industry in spite of a harsh ban on the same. More than 60% of workers in bangle making industry at Firozabad are children. In urban areas, there is high employment of children in the zari and embroidery industry.
The main causes of child labour in India are poverty, lack of social security, privatization of basic services like water supply, electricity sanitation in urban areas, lack of quality education, using children as domestic workers.T his adversely affects children more than anything else. Laws that are meant to protect children from hazardous conditions are ineffective which really needs improvement.

 Qu. 1- What is your suggestion to solve the issue of child labour?
Ans.-  There are several ways to solve it like- enforcing  labour laws strictly,  increasing family incomes, assured education to all, Family Control or Fertility, Abolish child trafficking, fair business policies

Qu. 2- What is the impact of hazardous work on children?

Ans- Hazardous work can have immediate and long-term impacts on children. These may include injury (e.g. a wound from a blade), disability (e.g. crushed limb from a machine) and even death (e.g. as a result of pesticide poisoning). Children and adolescents are specifically vulnerable to the effects of hazardous work because they are still developing physically and mentally. Exposure of children to dangerous chemicals or physical stress can also harm their proper and healthy development.

Qu. 3- According to you, who is responsible for such pitiable condition of children?

Ans- We all are responsible because people in common have started paying more attention to money than anything else. Even humanity is secondary. Changing this mentality and following company laws strictly will improve the condition of children very much. 

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