ASL Topic n Short Essays with Example on- Advantages of Co-education In India

By | May 30, 2023
Co- Education in India

Advantages of Co-education In India

(The following speech is perfect for 1 min. to 1.05 min)

Co-education refers to an education system, where the integrated education is arranged for both boys and girls it is one of the most common trends of the present time all over the world.  Lakhs of Indian girls are getting an education with boys and it is quite fortunate that girls are doing better than boys. There are a number of advantages of coeducation. First of all, it shows that we are out of conservative thinking. Secondly, this system broadens the outlook and personality. It widens the narrow outlook of both boys and girls.
Thirdly it generates a sense of Equality which means no separation, fosters equality, which can only be achieved by learning from and listening to one another. Moreover, interacting and partnering with the opposite –gender peers helps to break down and redefine outdated social customs, leading to less gender stereotyping and discrimination. At the same time, it has some psychological benefits also like when girls study with boys and take part in every activity side by side, they are psychologically cured of the disease of self-defeatism and self-created pessimism.
In the present scenario, co-education is extremely successful academically, socially and personally, so I wish to keep on encouraging it.

Qu.- What measures can be taken to encourage coeducation?
Ans.- The only solution to encourage coeducation is to come out of the confined boundaries of conservative thinking. People should be morally inspired to let girls step ahead like boys. More job opportunities to girls and equal status to both boys and girls.

Qu.- What are some of the advantages of coeducation?
Ans.- There are many advantages of coeducation; advantages such as Economy, better use of limited educational resources and infrastructure, sense of equality, mutual understanding between boys and girls, etc.

Qu.- How does coeducation help in amiable coexistence between the two genders?
Ans.- Coeducation provides boys and girls with a platform to interact with each other in the learning environment. Learning together gives them the opportunity to know each other’s traits, characteristics. Togetherness gives rise to friendships and developing understanding and respect between both genders. They learn to cooperate with one another and appreciate each other’s uniqueness.

Qu. How is coeducation essential to achieve national goals?
Ans.- Coeducation is essential for achieving national goals as it gives impetus to all the processes and sub-processes leading to the progress and advancement of the nation. Educated, skilled, and well-coordinated teams consisting of both the genders contribute constructively in nation-building.

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