Hard Words : The Adventures of Toto Difficult Words in English with Hindi Meaning | Moments | Class 9 | 2023-24 Updated

By | September 21, 2023

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from The Adventures of Toto. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying The Adventures of Toto Word Meanings from Moments Class 9.”

Hard Words : The Adventures of Toto Page- 7 

Grandfather = Elderly relative, patriarch (दादा), Toto = Monkey’s name, primate character (तोतो – बंदर का नाम), Tonga-driver = Carriage operator, horse-drawn vehicle driver (टोंगा चालक), Feeding-trough = Animal food container, feeding basin (चारा खिलाने की ट्रॉफ),

Private zoo = Individual animal collection, personal menagerie (निजी चिड़ीयाघर), Mischief = Playful misbehavior, naughtiness (शरारत), Anglo-Indian = Mixed British-Indian descent, Eurasian (अंग्ल-भारतीय), Peg = Short pin, hanging hook (कील),

Ornamental paper = Decorative wallpaper, aesthetic covering (अलंकरणीय कागज), Socket = Holder, receptacle (सॉकेट), Blazer = Formal jacket, coat (ब्लेज़र),

Shreds = Torn fragments, pieces (टुकड़े), Closet = Small storage space, cupboard (अलमारी), Bedroom wall = Inner partition, sleeping room boundary (शयनकक्ष की दीवार), Release = Let free, unchain (छोड़ना), Brick and plaster = Construction materials, wall elements (ईंट और प्लास्टर)

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The Adventures of Toto Difficult Words in English Page- 8

Worry = Feel anxious, be concerned (चिंतित होना), Performance = Display, act (प्रदर्शन), Clever = Smart, intelligent (चतुर), Blazer = Formal jacket, coat (आधिकारिक जैकेट), Escape = Get away, flee (भाग जाना), Secret = Hidden, not known (गुप्त),

Transferred = Moved, shifted (दूसरी जगह भेज देना), Cage = Enclosure, prison (पिंजरा), Sociably = In a friendly manner, companionably (मैत्रीपूर्ण तरीके से),

Tortoise = Slow-moving reptile, hard-shelled creature (कछुआ), Rabbits = Small mammals, burrowing animals (खरगोश), Squirrel = Small rodent, tree-dwelling mammal (गिलहरी), Companions = Friends, mates (संगी- साथी), Pension = Retirement payment, financial benefit (अवकाश पेंशन),

Kit-bag = Luggage, travel bag (यात्रा का बैग), Straw = Dried stalks, thin dried plant stalk (सूखी घास), Abode = Home, residence (आवास), Canvas = Strong cloth, durable material (मजबूत कपड़ा), Onlookers = Observers, spectators (देखने वाले),

Turnstile = Rotating gate, pedestrian barrier (घूमने वाला फाटक), Grin = Wide smile, broad smile (चौड़ी मुस्कान), Annoyance = Irritation, displeasure (नाराज़गी), Quadruped = Four-legged animal, creature (चार पैरों वाला प्राणी), Triumphant = Victorious, winning (विजयी)

Good Word Meaning of the Lesson The Adventures of Toto Page- 9 

Accepted = Approved, acknowledged (स्वीकार किया), Stable = Place for animals, especially horses (अश्वशाला), Companion = Friend, mate (साथी), Donkey = Domesticated animal, beast of burden (गधा), Halter = A rope for tying an animal (हाल्टर),

Bundle = Collection, package (गठरी), Hay = Dried grass, feed for animals (सूखी घास), Haunches = Hindquarters, rear part of an animal (जानवर का पिछला हिस्सा),

Jerked = Pulled quickly, tugged (अचानक खींचा), Fastened = Attached, secured (बंधा हुआ), Treat = Special pleasure, reward (विशेष उपहार), Bowl = Deep dish, container for food or liquid (कटोरा), Cunningly = Cleverly, slyly (चालाकी से),

Temperature = Degree of hotness or coldness (तापमान), Gradually = Slowly, step by step (धीरे-धीरे), Neck = Part of the body connecting the head to the rest (गरदन)

English Difficult Words of the Lesson The Adventures of Toto Page- 10 

Comfortable = Feeling at ease, relaxed (आरामदायक), Soap = Cleaning substance, detergent (साबुन), Kitchen-fire = Place for cooking, hearth (रसोई की अग्नि), Performance = Act, show, presentation (प्रदर्शन),

Kettle = Container for boiling water (केतली), Boil = Cook by heating in water, bubble up due to heat (उबालना), Mischief = Naughty behavior, harm or trouble caused (शरारत),

Aunts = Father’s or mother’s sister, female relative (मासी/चाची), Dress = Garment, clothing (वस्त्र), Lunch-time = Midday meal time (दोपहर का भोजन समय), Pullao (Pulao) = Rice dish with spices (पुलाव), Scream = Loud shout of fear or excitement (चिल्लाना), Plate = Dish for serving food (प्लेट),

Glass = Transparent container for drinks (ग्लास), Rice = Grains used for food, staple food (चावल), Grain = Small, hard seeds, especially of food plants like wheat, rice (अनाज), Determined = Resolute, having firmness of purpose (निश्चित),

Jackfruit tree = Tropical tree producing large fruits (कटहल का पेड़), Dish = Plate or bowl for serving food (डिश), Hopping = Jumping on one foot, skipping (एक पैर पर उछलना) , Afternoon = Middle part of the day (दोपहर), Chattered = Talk rapidly, especially about trivial matters (बकबक करना),

Curtains = Cloth hung to cover a window (पर्दा), Wallpaper = Material for covering and decorating walls (वॉलपेपर), Well-to-do = Wealthy, prosperous (धनी), Loss = State of no longer having something, detriment (नुकसान), Tonga-driver = Person who drives a horse-drawn carriage (टोंगा चालक), Rupees = Indian currency (रुपया)