99.Short Essay and Article on Global Warming — A Threat to the Life

 The climate throughout the world is changing. It has already disturbed weather patterns by increasing rainfall in some areas and decreasing it in others. The temperature is increasing day by day. It results in frequent hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, tsunamis, etc. Write an article in about 100.120 words for your school magazine on the topic ‘Global Warming — A Threat to Life.

Ans.                                                   Global Warming — A Threat to the Life

 Climate all around the world has seen drastic changes in recent years the reason? `Global warming’. In other words, the entire earth is getting heated up with the sun’s heat penetrating into the earth’s atmosphere. The Ozone layer is fast depleting and we cannot escape the harmful Ultraviolet rays of the sun. This change in the atmosphere has caused drastic changes in the natural weather conditions all over the world. Some areas are seeing an increase in rainfall, while those which have been getting little rainfall face the threat of drought. Some reasons for global warming may be identified. Industries and household items like refrigerators and air conditioners release harmful gases like Chlorofluro Carbon (CFCs) into the atmosphere and these gases have made a hole in the protective Ozone layer. And then there is the depletion of forest resources. With deforestation, the earth’s heat has increased, for trees keep it cool. Increase in temperature and cutting of trees has led to floods. Added to these are the hurricanes and tornadoes which again are the result of climatic changes across the world. All these contribute to global warming which again is a threat to all living beings on earth.

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