93.Short Essay and Article on Love and Care for Animals

 You are Bhavy/Bhavya. You were excited to know that your school had decided to take the students to the zoo for a  local tour but you were shocked to see how students teased the animals. Write an article for the school magazine on the topic. “Love and Care for Animals” in about 120 words.

 Ans.                                                     Love and Care for Animals

Last week our entire class was taken to the zoo for a local tour. It was the most exciting tour for all of us. We all enjoyed seeing those animals, some of which were a rare species from what we had seen in pictures, say the white tiger, langur etc. It took all of us for nearly two hours to go around the zoo. Of course, we were a bit disappointed at our animal safari tour, for most of the hunting animals were not to be seen, it being noon. But one thing strikingly hurt me throughout my visit. That was the way people treated the animals. I found people trying to tease the langurs and the bears, throwing banana peels, nuts or even empty wrappers. Some even tried to feed the monkeys with peanuts. The worst sight was that some boys fed deers with the masala namkeens and cheese balls and even tried to poke their eyes with sticks and even scratching them with those sticks. Is it not our duty to take care of animals and treat them as our friends? They are harmless if “we do not harm them. There is no point in talking high about preventing cruelties to animals. Each one of us should ensure that we are not cruel to animals.

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