8.Creative Paragraph Writing: CORRUPTION

By | August 5, 2020

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 No Legislation Can Stop Corruption But Conscience and High Moral Values. Write a short paragraph on It.

 Ans.                                                                  CORRUPTION

In our country corruption is something we all learn to live with. Corruption is a symptom of a disease that has its progenitors in form of non-transparency in government functioning and lack of accountability. Corruption thrives on opacity. Under its umbrella, billions of rupees get syphoned off before anybody notices anything amiss. Many NGOs and socialites have been campaigning to bring more transparency and accountability by improvising the legal system and administration. However, the basic fact remains that the common man cannot shirk responsibility. A common man being the building block of a society is equally accountable for boosting this monster.

 Since Independence, many leaders raised their voices to check the menacing corrupt practices. New laws were introduced to counter this devil. No doubt the common man stood behind these mass movements, still, corruption spread its tentacles. We can wear ‘Gandhian Cap”, hoist flags or perform candle march but all these efforts are showy unless our conscience is clear. How many of us do not jump the red-light traffic signal when there is 110 policeman watching us? This small traffic signal test is sufficient to judge our conscience and respect towards our constitution.

Laws and legislation are for those who respect them: otherwise, they fill the showcases of advocates in the form of big volumes. One can be punished for his unlawful actions but can’t be executed in any court for sins committed through hearts and minds. Until and unless we change our attitude, no law or legislation can prevent corruption. Moral judgement and conscience is the mother of a corrupt-free and progressive society.

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