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9. Short Essay and Article on: Is There an End to Corruption in India?


Corruption is rampant in our country. Everyone feels that it needs to be seriously dealt with. Write an article in 125-150 words on: ‘how to root out corruption from the country’. You are Gopal/Gopika.                                                                        

Ans.                                                    Is There an End to Corruption in India?

by Gopal

One bribe some low-level officer to get a file moving pays off a cop to get out of a minor traffic violation takes the help of tout to get some document processed through the bureaucratic machinery. Call it corruption, if you like. Corruption in this form is rampant in the country simply because of a failed system of bureaucracy and politics which is far from transparent and accountable. However, it is not to be ignored that the inherent faith of the people of India in its democracy and the high standards of accountability they expect from their representatives is a testimony to the fact that we Indians strive for a corruption-free India.

Generally, corruption starts at the lowest levels. If we as individuals refuse to bribe someone and take strong action against those who ask for a bribe, things will change. To bring about a change we need to acknowledge the factors responsible for the degradation. These are greed, self-interest, jealousy and fear. We need to design a system that prevents us from being selfish. With the implementation of the Right to Information Act, Indian democracy is well on its way to give its people a transparent system of governance and administration. The RTI and similar acts in states have considerably reduced corruption by opening avenues to address grievances. The dire need for a corruption-free India brought thousands of people to the street in 2011 in support of Anna Hazare and the Jan Lokpal movement. The civil society, visual and social media and voluntary organizations can play a major role in solving the problem of corruption.

 Increasing awareness among the people and the new strict laws enjoin our democracy to allow this new political class to participate in a just system. The political parties which do not heed these rising voices will fade into oblivion. There is no denying the fact that the role of a proactive citizen is required everywhere. It is our duty to conduct ourselves according to laws. If we as individuals refuse to bribe someone, things will begin to change and as Gandhi said, ‘Be the change you wish to see in this world.’

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