84.Short Story: Twelve Weavers

Twelve weavers lived throughout life in their village………… once ventured to go out of the town …………had to cross a big river ………. tied themselves with a rope ……….lest they are lost ……..After crossing counted themselves ………..found one missing………. a passerby helped them……….. Moral.

Ans:-                                              TWELVE WEAVERS



Once in Julaha Nagar, there lived twelve weavers. They worked on their looms day and night. They never ventured out of their village. They were very happy with their lot.

But once on urgent business, they had to go out of their village. They did it much against their wishes. They had a fear of losing one-two of them. They were very simple people. Except for their own village, they knew nothing of the world. Anyway, they started on their long journey.

Now there was a large river which they had to cross. In order to avoid the loss of any one of them in the strong current of the water, they tied themselves with a rope. They crossed the river. Nothing unusual happened. When they reached the other bank of the river, they began to count themselves. This they did in order to be doubly sure.

 Each one counted the other eleven and forgot to count himself. Thus they counted hundreds of times but they found that one of them was definitely washed away in the river. They sat down and began to weep loudly. One passerby who saw them weeping reached them. He at once understood their foolishness and simple-mindedness. He took out his shoe, struck it on each, counted and completed the number twelve. The weavers were very happy.

Thank God they were twelve. None was missing. Their problem was that the one who began counting forgot to count himself.  They vowed never to go out of their Julaha Nagar for the rest of their life.

Moral: Foolishness has no end.

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