8. Letter of Placing Order for Ordering: Books

By | April 4, 2022
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In the recent staff meeting, a decision was taken to place an order with M/s Punjab Book Depot, Nai Sadak, Delhi, for the supply of books for the school library. As the librarian, Lord Mahavira Public School, Panipat, place an order for the supply of the books.

 Ans. Librarian, Lord Mahavira Public School


March 5, 2O20

The Manager

M/s Punjab Book Depot

Nai Sarak, Delhi.

Subject: Ordering books


Our school has been buying books from you for the last ten years. This also I have been asked to place an order for the following titles to enrich our school library.

1.Oxford Concise English Dictionary 5 pieces

2. English Made Easy by RK Jain 6 pieces

3. John’s Modern English Usage 4 pieces

4. Fundamentals of Economics by TR Jain 10 pieces

5. Speeches of Vivekananda compiled by Tulsi 6 pieces

6. My Experiments with Truth by MK Gandhi 6 pieces

7. Basics of Commerce by Arvind           12 pieces

(The order is for cloth-bound library editions)

 The books should be of latest edition/ print. Defective books will be returned at your cost.

We expect a maximum discount on the published prices. You may send the bill along with the supply to enable us to make the payment within a week. The payment will be made through cheque.

We will appreciate if we receive the consignment in ten days’ time. The order shall stand cancelled in case the order is not executed as per the stipulated time.

Yours sincerely,

Rakesh Gaur

Reply to the above letter of order.

Ans. M/s Punjab Book

 Depot Nai Sadak, Delhi

 April 9, 20xx

 The Librarian Lord Mahavira Public School


Subject: Execution of order


Thanks for the order dated April 5, 20xx for the supply of some books. The consignment will be as per your expectations. We are dispatching the latest edition/ print cloth-bound library editions. We assure you of our best services and the books are being sent after a thorough check. Your order will be executed within the stipulated time.

 Yours sincerely,

Rajan Malhotra