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Essay on My Classroom | Most Interesting Place


Essay on My Classroom – My School Classroom is one of the most interesting place in my school. It is a place where all students must go to every day and learn many important things. Below you will find a sample essay about my classroom.

Essay on My Classroom

essay on my class

I read in a very big school. Its building comprises four storeys. My classroom lies on the ground floor. My classroom is situated only at a little distance from the administrative block. It has spacious verandahs on two sides. It has two doors which ensure cross ventilation. There is also a large window in one of the walls. On both sides, beyond the verandahs, there are small passages and then grassy lawns which also have some flower plants growing in flower pots.
My classroom is quite spacious. It is airy and well-ventilated. It has three ceiling fans in it which are sufficient for all the students sitting on twenty chairs and desks which are installed in the room. There is also a noiseless desert cooler installed in one corner of the room.
Pictures of eminent persons, students’ paintings, maps and Himalayan scenery bedeck the walls of my classroom. There is a low dais along one wall of the room. On the dais are placed one chair and a table for the teacher. Behind the dais, there is a blackboard for the teacher to write on with chalk. This blackboard confronts the students sitting on chairs.
My classroom is a mixed fare for different kinds of students. The dullards and shirkers hate it. Those who are brilliant or are really fond of studies love it. Fortunately, I belong to the second category of students.
It is, in fact, in the classroom that a student’s personality is really formed. It is for this reason that I sit in the classroom most attentively. It is only the foolish, noisy few who sometimes spoil the real taste of studies, as they can’t appreciate the value of studies and have to repent later in life.

10 Lines on My Classroom

10 Lines on My Classroom
  1. I love my classroom. 
  2. It is always clean and organized. 
  3. The children of my class are always polite and respectful. 
  4. I enjoy learning with them. 
  5. It’s home to me and my classmates.
  6. We all have a great time together in the classroom. 
  7. We laugh, learn, and grow together in this special place. 
  8. I’m grateful for every minute I spend here. 
  9. I look forward to many more years of learning and growing with my classmates.
  10.  I feel like I learn a lot in this classroom, and the teachers are always willing to help us.

Paragraph on My Class Room- 150 Words

I love my classroom. It’s always clean, organized, and brightly lit. When I walk into my classroom every day, I feel like I have entered a new world. It’s the environment of my classroom that makes me feel like that. The desks in my classroom are grouped together in small groups. This helps to form close bonds between the students and helps them to communicate better with each other.
The walls are decorated with inspiring posters. There are several reasons why I love my classroom. It is a place where I can teach and learn. It is also a place where I can make new friends and collaborate with others. The students in my classroom are friendly and engaging, and they make learning enjoyable.  The teachers are kind and patient, and they always have time for us.  I feel like I learn a lot in this classroom, I’m so lucky to have a classroom like this!