22. Formal Letter Example Regarding : Cancellation of the Order

By | December 9, 2019

Writing a formal letter is an art because it is in much demand these days. Some examples are official letter format for request sometimes it is official letter format to government, and you may have to write a letter to an organization for different purposes and it may be formal letter example application for a job. We are going to provide you letter to Firm for Cancellation of the Order  Find the example of this formal letter regarding Cancellation of the Order and enrich yourself.

Write a letter to a firm, cancelling your order as it has not been executed in time.

Grand Insurance Company Ltd.

137, Good wood Street

New Delhi-5.

 March 3…

M/s Plastic Leaders

33, Jimna Road


Subject: About cancellation of the order.

 Dear Sir,

 We had placed an order No. 30/92/G.I. dated 10 January, to your concern for the supply of some plastic goods. We had asked you to deliver the given goods up to 29th January, positively. But we are sorry to say that our order has not been executed.

The time factor makes a lot of difference. If the supplies are irregular, we have to suffer. And we have to purchase the required goods immediately from other sources. As the given date of the delivery of goods has already expired, please cancel our order.

Yours sincerely,

 Ram Lal,

 General Manager.

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