67.Short Essay and Article on Increasing Incidence of Road Rage

Vaibhav/Vibha Sharma is quite concerned about the increasing incidence of deaths and accidents caused due to road rage. He/She decides to write an article on the need for people to control their anger and inculcate the habit of disciplined driving. Study the following information and write the article in about 100-120 words.

  • Causes of road rage;
  • Intolerance and lack of self-discipline;
  • Behavioural pattern-sense of superiority;
  • Due to owning a bigger vehicle;
  • Family and work-related stress;
  • External environment influence — city layout, traffic jams, delays etc.;
  • The absence of the severe penalty for defaulters;
  • Avoid road rage-be a disciplined motorist;
  • Know traffic; rules;
  • Be courteous to fellow drivers

Ans.                                                    Increasing Incidence of Road Rage

The accidents due to road rage are on the peak in the current scenario. Several factors are responsible for increased incidences of deaths due to rash driving. Currently, bus drivers and car drivers need to check their behaviour and attitude. They are very intolerant and indisciplined and hence, do not care about any traffic rules. The bus drivers and cab drivers sometimes show arrogant behaviour and use the wrong language to the passengers due to family and work-related stress. They just want to earn more and more. And to serve this purpose, they rush recklessly for passengers in a competition. For this purpose, bus drivers speed up their vehicles to overtake each other. It creates chaos on the roads and unsafe traffic conditions for other vehicles or commuters as well.

The concerned authorities must be sensitized regarding the deaths of innocents and should take the necessary and immediate actions to stop this nonsense on the roads. The officials must be deputed at red lights and defaulters or rule breakers must be given severe penalty or punishment accordingly.

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