63.Short Essay and Article on : The Menace of Copying

The Menace of Copying

The menace of copying in examination has assumed alarming proportions. Many students do not work hard all around the year. It is because they know that they can copy the answers in the examination and not only get pass marks but also come off with flying colours. So, why should they work hard?

Such students are not interested in the classroom study. They become a nuisance to teachers as well as to serious students in the class. They create indiscipline in class and waste their own as well as others’ precious time.

 The modus operandi of the students who are past-masters in the act of copying is very simple. They just prepare small slips of expected questions with full answers which they copy from cheap guides commonly available in the market and hide them in their pockets, socks, shirt sleeves, etc. At the opportune moment in the examination hall, these students take out their notes and copy them verbatim in their answer books.

 Another method which these students adopt is that they manage to get their seats near those of brilliant students and then copy their answers in their own answer-books shamelessly. Sometimes, even invigilators are bribed, threatened or otherwise taken into confidence for the purpose through one means or the other.

Surprisingly, sometimes even the parents of candidates become a party to this menace of copying. The result of all this is that the dullards shine in life while the really meritorious but honest students remain at a disadvantage.

There are certain laws, rules and regulations to check this menace of copying such as giving deterrent punishment to one who is caught, dissolving the examination centre where mass-scale copying takes place, giving different sets of papers to students, transferring or disqualifying the invigilators who are known to he abetting or helping those who indulge in copying, etc.

In any case, the most important thing is that the parents and teachers should inculcate in the minds of young students that copying is a bad thing and it should be kept at bay.

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