Class 8 6.Speech Writing : “Food adulteration is a rising problem in India”

By | July 12, 2021

Food adulteration has become rampant in India. Fruits, vegetables might be contaminated, soft drinks and dairy products too and all this so that producers can save a few rupees. Draft a speech on topic “Food adulteration is a rising problem in India”.

Ans.                                              “Food adulteration is a rising problem in India”                         

 In a recent report, the Public Health Foundation of India attributed eighty percent of all premature deaths to contaminated food and water. Food adulteration in India starts from the field itself where fertilizers and pesticides are overused. Therefore one kind of contaminant that is present across all range of food is very high level of pesticide residues.

 But pesticide residues are not the only problem. Many products used in everyday cooking, such as cottage cheese and clarified butter, are adulterated. Coloring agents in spices are also posing problems. The use of carbide to make fruit ripen faster has created a number of he alth hazards.

 The youth who enjoy the street food are mostly at risk. Young and old are the most affected. Children and elder people are the most vulnerable to these toxins in food. Although some people say that in a country where forty permit of the population lives below the poverty line, there should be less stress on adulterated food and more on the fact that people should have enough food to eat. However, the faced should be safe, say activists. The government has introduced a “mid-day-meal-scheme. Scheme for children in primary schools. But the food regulations preventing the adulteration of food.

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