6.Class 11 & 12 Best Debate Writing Topic : “We have Indian body but European psyche and soul’

Write a debate on the topic: “We have Indian body but European psyche and soul’. You Amit/Amita



 Today I stand before you to express my views on the topic: “We have Indian Body but European Psyche and Soul’. I will speak for the motion. I totally agree that we Indians are so much influenced by the Western culture that by birth we are Indians and we possess an Indian body but we think and psychology has been changed and we are more driven towards the European culture. We consider it behave like Europeans. We have a mindset of copying their style and culture to become famous. Our matter of pride to use the goods that have been manufactured abroad. We consider the education and lifestyle of theirs much better than ours and some of us leave our own country to settle down there only. We don’t take pride in being an Indian and that is what doesn’t keep us grounded to our Mother country. We talk about flows of India but why don’t we take pride in our culture, religions. Beauty, etc.

There are certain things in India which we think are outdated so we should try to change that instead of hating our own culture all the time. Our thinking, earning, living and travelling habits are becoming more like Europeans. Thus we need to understand that possessing the psyche and soul of European culture is not good for us.


 Good morning everyone. Today I am here to debate on the topic: “We have Indian body but European psyche and soul’. And I will speak against the motion.

 What is the benefit that one gets by having a soul and psyche inside an Indian body? It is not true that all Indians think like that. We Indians are so much connected and related to our own culture that we don’t need to copy other cultures. Indians have an amazing sense of patriotic and faithful feeling towards the country. We value the things our country’s culture teaches us. We take pride in being an Indian. Campaigns, like Incredible India, illustrate how much we love our country.

The traditions, culture and festivals, in India, exemplify our image in the world. It is a matter of pride that we are Indians and we don’t copy European culture all the time. We are Indians in the true sense and it’s not fair to say that our soul and psychology is of Europeans. Each culture and country has its own greatness and prestige which no other can change. The love that we Indians possess for our own country is so much that there is no need for us to blindly follow Western culture and ethics.

 The facilities in India have developed manifold and the best is yet to come. Every Indian contributes to the wellbeing of the nation and thus makes the India culture unique and outshine others.

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