5.Speech Writing Sample and Example (Teacher’s Day)

By | May 9, 2018

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Teacher’s Day Celebration- A tribute to our Worthy Teachers

“A teacher affects eternity, no one can tell where his influence stops.”

A teacher is a ‘Guru’ , one who dispels “darkness of ignorance .” “Gu” means ” darkness of ignorance ” and ” Ru” means ” one who dispels the darkness of ignorance”. No doubt teacher or guru holds a position higher than god in our culture. It is only befitting that as a tribute to teachers, the birth date of India’s most renowned teacher and President,  Dr. SarvapalliRadhakrishan is celebrated as ‘ Teacher’s Day’ on 5th of September every year.

The legacy of student’s love, respect and gratitude towards their teachers at at ______ School Name______ could be best witnessed on this special day. In their unique way of saying “You are special”, the children dressed up as teachers, donning the mantle of their favourites. With their changed looks one could also see the pride and dignity in their demeanour. The morning started with a special assembly. The teachers were pleasantly surprised to see themselves in a short video shot lovingly by the members of photography club. After the assembly, the school captain delivered a speech stressing the value of a teacher in the life of students. It was not all. Students came up with ‘On the Spot’ poems on their teachers. At the end the school auditorium reverberated with a song dedicated to the teachers. In short the special assembly touched the hearts of everyone present there.

After the special assembly it was the time for reality check as the student teachers of class ____ proceeded to their allotted classes. It was no surprise that all of them proved worthy with effective delivery of well-planned lessons This opportunity to be on the other side of the fence gave them a hands- on experience of the dignity, satisfaction and challenges associated with the profession which they had donned. These student teachers imparted and reflected the knowledge, wisdom and values gained from their mentors at ______ School Name______.

It was a beautiful blend of gratitude and blessings which made the day so special. It brought forward the essence of being a teacher “elevateoneself and confer divine knowledge on all.

“Forever in gratitude to our beloved teachers…..”

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