4.Speech Writing Sample and Example (MUN Closing Ceremony)

By | May 9, 2018

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Closing ceremony

Distinguished members of MUN staff, revered guests , fellow  participants , ladies and gentlemen as well as all gathered over here to It gives me a deep sense of satisfaction to speak to you today at the closing ceremony of   our first _______. Let me rewind this back a _______ hour journey. The  organization of th is  simulations in the format of the UN procedures and formalities has given us a guiding idea to allow us to experience multilateral negotiations and become acquainted with the process in which members of the UN utilize in order to achieve resolutions. I am sure that the main objectives of the program , emphasizing that that MUN is a tool for the future, especially in a globalized world where multilateral negotiations will be more and more frequent has  been fulfilled . Students who were part of this are greatly benefited from MUN in a variety of ways. We tried to learn Diplomacy, and Strategy, and enjoyed ourselves on both of the days because “it has empowered us with a deep knowledge of international current issues, and taught us how to think in another country’s perceptive”. It has been a very exiting experience that helped us to  widen our views on international affairs.”

But at the same time I would like to say that we promise to implement the learned objects in our practice because

“there are miles to go before I sleep

there are miles to go before I sleep”

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