40.English Essay Example on : Forgetfulness

By | July 25, 2018

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Certain qualities, apparently negative in outlook, may be having some positive characteristics also in them. Forgetfulness is one such quality. It is really very deplorable when a child or an old man or woman forgets to turn off a water tap after use by repeated warnings. In the case of a child, it can be said that the child’s mind is actually so engrossed in a game or mental mugging up of his lessons that he is prone to forget such things as turning off of a tap which are too trivial to his absorptive mind.

In the case of an old person, however, we can say that the nerves or faculties of the aged person have gone weak and cannot retain any idea or advice. The old, senile person may be mentally infirm or may even be suffering from some disease such as Alzhmeir’s Disease.

Forgetfulness is, however, in certain cases a boon. It is when we forget to repay an adversary in his own coin, that is, when we forget an evil done to us. This, however, seldom happens and that exposes the real malice in our nature. While we forget goodness done to us by others why we don’t forget some evil done to us by somebody?

While we read advertisements galore which promise us to sharpen our memory through some herbs and mental exercises, we hardly ever come across any ads which should assure us that by following their advice we would forget all the evil deeds, if any, done to us by others. Of course, we have amulets and other devices and methods manufactured by tantriks, etc. which promise to ward off the evil effect of a deed, but why nobody prescribes us a method to forget all such deeds? Perhaps we ourselves are not interested in it and we never approach anybody for this purpose.

 Let us change our outlook. In fact, we need nobody’s help to forget evil. We ourselves can do this just by forgiving. So, forgetfulness without forgiving is meaningless and forgiving which is not followed by forgetfulness is a contradiction in terms.

Reality, dear friend, is quite contrary to what you have said. Actually, when you were delivering your speech at the function, it was not I who was hooting and whistling. It was, in fact, Piloo Micky, who is already known for such pranks. He was mimicking my voice and I heavily reprimanded him for this. He has expressed his regrets and is ready to reiterate them to your face.

 I hope you’ll now give up your dislike for me and be my bosom friend as usual.

 Convey my best wishes to all at home

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