41.English Essay Example on : Leisure

By | July 25, 2018

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Human body is a machine. Like any other machine, it requires rest after working for some time.

 W.H. Davies has expressed his views about the modem life which is full of stress and strain in the following words:

“What is this life if full of care?

We have no time to stand and stare.”

Excessive worry about time is the bane of modem man. The doctrine that not a minute should be wasted is fraught with danger. It simply exhorts continuous work day and night and negates the idea of leisure.

Leisure is essential for our physical and mental health. A person who has done strenuous physical work for a few hours, needs rest fee that. Similar is the case with one who has engaged mental work or intellectual activity for some time. This is the reason in all schools, colleges and other institutions, in offices and factories there is recess or lunch period. Even shops in posh markets close for an hour or so for lunch which also includes period for recess and refreshment.

 One, who has done hard physical work for some time, may study some interesting story book or have a look at the pages of an illustrated magazine during the leisure time. He may watch T.V if he doesn’t have a book or is not inclined to read.

A person who has done some hard mental or intellectual work for some time, may indulge in some physical activity such as a game of badminton, gardening, etc. for the purpose of replenishing the mental stamina.

The period of leisure should not be considered waste of time, even if one just spends this time in gossiping instead of indulging in any useful physical or mental activity. It should be regarded as worthwhile. However, the leisure time should be limited and should not be prolonged inordinately so as to encroach upon the working hours.

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