68. Reading Skills Comprehension: Modern Gadgets

By | July 10, 2021


Read the following passage carefully and answer the following Questions:-                                                                                          

 A few years ago, most people were happy using earphones to listen to their musk on their portable cassette players or listening to CDs on their Discman. However, both of these now seem pretty cumbersome gadgets to use while jogging, exercising or cycling.

 Recently, especially in big cities, all this has changed. The techno-battle raging today is not between bulky cassette players and Discmans anymore. Now, it is between light and tiny gadgets called iPods and MP3 players. One of the reasons for their popularity is the technology they are based on, which allows one to store lots of songs on such small devices.

 The main difference between iPods and MPS players is the technology they use to compress audio files. Digital audio and video compression standards were formed by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG). MP3 is a part of this standard. Therefore, what we popularly know as MP3 is not actually a type of a file but a technology for compressing sound files into smaller ones.

 Apple is the company that created the iPod. Its audio-video compression technique is based on another standard called MPEG-4. Unlike the MN, the iPod uses the Apple/ line software to transfer music to the music devices. thing iTunes you can store music  library on your computer, burn musk from CD, transfer photos, videos, games and small applications and many other features. As a result, the main difference between MP3 players and iPods is the format in which the audio files are stored and compressed.

The iPod now is like the name Xerox. People use Xerox as a synonym for photocopying, without realizing that it is a brand name. Similarly, when someone asks for an iPod, they may be using the term broadly and actually referring to a miniature music system. They might not mean the actual product made by Apple. MP3 players have become a rage because computer music files are easy to share, copy and transfer from one computer system to another.

Answer the following questions briefly:

(i)How are modern iPods and MP3s better than their predecessors?

 (ii) What has changed in big cities?

 (iii) What is the difference between iPod and MP3?

 (iv) What misconception do people have about iPods and Xerox?

 (v) What is the reason for the immense popularity of MP3?

 (vi) Which company created the iPod?

 (vii) MP3 is a part of which standard?

 (viii) Find the word in the passage (Para-5) which means greatly reduced.

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