34.Class 11 & 12 Letter to Editor : Justify the opening of post-office-cum-telegraph office

By | January 25, 2019

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You are Rama / Ranjan Srinivasan of Gacchibowli, Hyderabad, where there is no post office. Write a letter to the Editor of a national daily drawing the attention of the government to this basic need of the residents of your area. Justify the opening of post-office-cum-telegraph office in your locality in not more than 200 words.                                                                                                                          



 18th May 200—.

The Editor

The National Daily



The Gacchibowli Colony of Hyderabad has a population of more than ten thousand. It is situ ated within the Municipal limits and has been growing rapidly for the last ten years. A privately managed High School has already come up in this locality. The people living in this area are mostly poor. They are either daily wage-earners or belong to the salaried class.

 It is a pity that there is no post or telegraph office in this locality. The residents have to face great difficulty. They have to go a distance of three kilometres in order to meet their postal requirements. It results in a great loss of time. Moreover, the post-office opens when most of the male members have left for their jobs. Ladies can’t afford to leave their homes and walk a distance of three kilometres to buy a few pr.’-cards or postage stamps. Concerned authorities are, therefore, earnestly requested to set up a Post-cum-Telegraph office at some central place in this locality as early as possible.

Yours truly

Rajan Srinivasan

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