26.Sample Report Writing-On Workshop & Seminar

By | May 7, 2018

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So let’s dive in-

Report on Workshop & Seminar

 Workshop and Seminars are an inherent part of ____ School Name____ culture. Repeatedly these workshop and are organised for the benefit of Students. A few glimpses of the same are :

  A workshop on Life Skills by Mr./Mrs._________, a writer actor and motivational speaker was organised for the students of classes ____ on ___ Date____20__.

   A workshop on Life Skills and Walk Art Workshop were respectively conducted by Mr./Mrs.-___________ from ___ place _______ for the Students of Creation, Symphony, Virdha and Holistic Health Club _____ Date _______ .

 Mathematician Club celebrated (Pi) Day on ___ Date_____ as per the fraction 22/7 on the occasion, club members put up a special assembly and prepared a softboard display on the history of Pi Students also gave an electronic Presentation signifying the importance of Pi in Mathematics and a separate quiz sessions were conducted for the students of classes __ to __.

By : ________

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