25.Report Writing Samples : Ghastly Road Accident

By | December 15, 2020

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‘Do not drink and drive’ is a terse message but our youngsters care a fig for it and give it a go-by. This attitude can make one’s journey the final journey. Traffic police assert bold advertisements asking people not to take to wheels after drinking. Statistics on road mishap de aths reveal that not many pay heed to the warnings. Report a ghastly road accident as a reporter for a newspaper.

Ans.                                                     GHASTLY ROAD ACCIDENT

(By R. Bansal)

New Delhi, February 24

 A heavily drunk boy with three others on board ploughed his Skoda Laura car onto the pavement at very high speed outside the National Gallery of Art on the India Gate round-about. This ghastly accident occurred around 4.45 a.m., the police said. Initial investigation revealed that the four friends were drunk. The car became airborne due to the impact and smashed into a tree. It rolled over thrice, the eyewitnesses said. The two rear seat occupants died on the spot. According to the Police, there was a girl passenger and a boy on the rear seat. The girl’s upper body was jutting out of the car window in a pool of blood. The boy’s body was mangled beyond recognition. The two surviving occupants are struggling for their lives in a city hospital. The security guard at the Gallery informed the PCR. If this accident opens the eyes of the youngsters, there is nothing like that.

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