2.Sample Report Writing :Achievements of Special Wing Students

By | May 4, 2018

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Achievements of Special Wing Students

The happiest people spend the last time alone.

They pursue personal growth and intimacy;

They judge themselves by their own yardsticks,

Never against what others do or have.

Differently – abled children need motivation and encouragement to enjoy the beauty and charm of life. They too can achieve great success in life if they are given ample opportunities. Highly sensitive to the special needs of developmentally delayed children, ____ School Name____ tries to provide a conducive environment to the special wing children in order to give emotional security to them so as to optimize their physical, mental and social potentials, developing varied skills required for their holistic development and self-reliance. Special Educators encourage the participation of specially abled students in different activities, celebration of important days in the school. and intra-school competitions are held periodically to provide them with a sense of achievement and fulfillment. Some of their recent activities and achievement are listed below.

Sports and game nourish one’s mind and soul. Bearing the same in mind, the school organised Haryana State Primary School Sports Competition in ____ date____  for special children. Medals were given to each and every child.

12 Students of Special Wing participated in the State Level Athletic Meet Organised by the Special Olympic Bharat on ___ date____ at ___ place ______ . ____ student name ____ of Special Education Wing bagged gold medal in 100 m race; ____ student name ____ clinched four silver medals. ____ student name ____ bagged three bronze medals.

14 Students of Special Education Wing participated in Special Olympic Games at District Level organised on ____ date _____ at _____ Place name _____. They brought laurels to three alma mater by clinching five gold, four silver and four bronze medals in various sporting events.

Co-curriculor activities render a number of values. To showcase the because of their hidden talents, 10 children of special wing gave a mesmerizing dance performance on the song – ‘Kabhi Socha hai kya’ along with other children of the school for the purpose of inclusion.

____ Student Name _____ gave a splendid dance performance on the song ‘Yeh duniya ek dulhan’ on the occasion of Independence Day Celebration i.e. on 15th August, 2016 in the school.

Special Wing Students went on an educational tour to ___ Place Name ______ on ____ Date ____ with an objective to gain a hands-on experience.

Special Wing Students are taken to smart classes twice a week in order to make their learning more interesting and retaining.

A Special Camp was organised in Summer for the special children in the school to make them feel important and valuable part of society.

Every child is different and unique. They are blessed with many specialties. We at ____ school name _____ believe that there is no dearth of opportunities and talent. The important thing is to click the right opportunity at right time to shape the present for the best future. ____ school name _____  exhibits dedication, will power, zeal and zest to mole the children reach the tap.

Remember that there is always a rainbow after a storm. Therefore always more on with life and let time heal the wound. Joyful people face the future optimistically.

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