3.Sample Report Writing: Book club

By | May 4, 2018

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Book club and Readers club report

The power of a book lives in its power to turn a solitary act into a shared vision.

readers club and Book club have collaborated to inspire criaturity and foster camaradedrie among students and incourage  them to think critically about what they read in a non-academic and non-competitive environment . The members and facilitators of this club as a team have strived to organize various activities to instill a love of reading and to generate excitement of books.

20__-20__ has uritressed a session full of barning opportunities for all the childern in value. Book day was celebrated  with great zeal and ethusiansm. A team of ten students from the senior block organized  a workshop for a group of 50  students  in the junior block. The  children were involve  in all kinds of activities including words, stories, reading, spelling and a lot more.

Prizes were given to urinning teams to appreciate and keep them motivated.

__ School Nameians are indeed very fortunate to get an opportunity to had unloving interactions  wirth ___ Person Name ___ who proudly authored, ”when losing is gaining, writhe ___ Person Name ___ who wrote and wirth ___ Person Name ___ who enjoyed unfolding his journey of  writing the ____, Indeed there was an immense gaining from the experiences these personalities sharecl urith the students Right from drafting a story, editing it, disigning the colour, illustrating it, publishing it and endless procedures in writing  a book were all discussed.

In the month of ___ Date ____, the readers attended a full day ’slam poetry’ workshop facilitated by a renowned International  poet, Ikenna. The acquistion of knowledge and skills was amazing for the 100+ participants.

The aim of the ___ School Name ____ Book Club and Readers club is to provide a frown for book lovers to talk about the books they have read and to help readers to indulge in their hobby of reading  by meeting like minded individual, by introducing them to new genres and by exposing them to other reading opportunities.

It is truly said that books leave us with many experiences, we will several lives while reading.

”Books are a uniquely portable magic.”

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