2. Describing an Event: My Experience at NSS Camp

Write a Paragraph in about 100-150 words on the following topic:-

Ans:                                         MY EXPERIENCE AT AN NSS CAMP

 Last year, I attended an MSS Camp at village Kashipur. This camp was organised by the NSS unit of our school. The aim of the camp was to educate the villagers about cleanliness and adult education. The duration of the camp was fifteen days. We found that the villagers were illiterate. We taught them how to read and I write. We met the Zamindar of the village. His name was Shihu Balm. We asked him to work for the welfare of the villagers. We taught the villagers how to keep their streets neat and clean. We went into the houses of many persons. We also met Gafur. He was a very poor villager. But he was a kind man. He offered us tea. We enjoyed our NSS camp greatly. Time passed very fast. At last, the camp came to end and we returned to our homes.

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