19.Sample Report Writing-Mathemagicians’ Club Repot

By | May 7, 2018

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Mathemagicians’ Club Repot

 ”Mathematics expresses values that reflect  the cosmos including orderliness, balance, harmony, logic and abstract beauty.”

The mission of Mathematician’ club is to foster a community of students around a common interest . The club aim to work for the interest of the students. We develop  students’ mathematical curiosity and  interpersonal skills by conducting meeting from members. The purpose of club is to arouse  students’ interest so that they can gain students’ proficiency  in using Mathematic, to analyses and solve problems both in school and in  real fife situations mathematics is a tool to train one’s logical thinking skills. It is also a sword which can solve thousands of problems in various fields of our daily life.

The club started the session 20__-__  with Mathematical Rangoli for classes __ and __ and students really  surprised   anyone  by beautiful rangoli using only mathematical patterns. Rangoli was followed  by quizzes for classes ___ and __. The willingness of the students to be pant of the activities was really very encouraging. Then came grand pc’day clebrating, which was a resonance throughout the school. To spread awareness and inculcate mathematical temperament , PP ts, Special assembly,  quiz on pi were organized. The gurney  has not slopped here. The Mathemagician club has planned lot of activities for different levels in the month of December. The whole week would be packed with activities like sudoku, Rabik cube, mathematics Relay Race, and many more.

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