175.Short Essay and Article on : The Green Gardens Resort

You are Mansi. You visited “The Green Gardens Resort” during the holidays. Write an article for your school magazine about why the place attracted you. Include the following:

Hints:  • Accessibility • Reasonable charges • Hygienic surroundings • Scenic beauty • Facilities available.

Ans.                           The Green Gardens Resort                                                                                                                  


During the autumn vacation, I visited the Green Gardens Resort near Ooty. Situated in the scenic Neelgiri hills, it is really a wonderful resort. It is about ten kilometres from Ooty on the Wellington road. Wrapped in the lush green surroundings, it is just a paradise on earth.

The Green Gardens Resort is spread out in approximately ten acres. It is a luxury resort that caters to the middle and upper-middle class tourists. It offers boarding and lodging with all modem amenities and comforts. The place is surrounded by terraced tea-gardens. Wherever eyes go, one can see only green tea plantations, forests and hills. In the middle of the resort, the main source of attraction is the oval-shaped swimming pool. It has two tennis courts, a card room and a couple of billiard tables. The massage parlours and beauty salons are the other attractions. The environment is divine and the ambience is just superb. It offers a peaceful and relaxed stay far from the madding crowd of the metros.

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