17. Report Writing Samples : Golden Jubilee Celebrations

By | December 15, 2020

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A cultural programme marked the celebrations of the Golden Jubilee of your school. Taking clues from the following points write a report for your school magazine. You are a student of Mansarovar School. Goddess Saraswati; school achievements; annual report; cultural show; thunderous applause; refreshment.

 Ans.                                        GOLDEN JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS

Mansarovar School Raja Garden celebrated its Golden Jubilee with a lot of gravity on 13 February. The Chief Minister Sh. A. Kejariwal was the Chief Guest. Many other dignitaries and some old students of the school were special invites. The programme started with the lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest, Saraswati Vandana followed. Beautifully and tastefully decorated auditorium shook with clapping. Home Minister was the guest of honour. He praised the school for its dedicated service to education. The Chairman of the school thanked the gathering. The function ended with the singing of the National Anthem. Refreshments were served to the guests.

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