13. Article Writing on: My Favourite Book

By | November 12, 2021
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I love reading books, they are indeed my ‘best friends’. It is a tedious task to choose a good book because thousands of books are published every year. I always take the suggestions made by my teachers and parents into account while choosing a book. Some days back, my uncle gave me one as a birthday gift as he knows my love for books. It is called ‘The Mahabharata’ and has been written in English by Anand Sagar Chowdhry and published by Goodwill Publishing House, Delhi. When I went through the first chapter, a fascinating story unfolded itself. King Satyavan married the daughter of a washerman and his son from the first wife took a pledge to remain a bachelor all his life. He came to be known as Bhishma Pitamah. The story was so eventful that it was very difficult to keep pace with the individual events. The battle between the Kauravas and Pandavas is so well known that it need not be repeated. In the middle of the epic stands The Gita that serves as a lighthouse. It sheds light on the theme of the whole story. The language is so poetic that one floats in its divine stream. Lord Krishna tells us to perform our duties without having any expectations about the rewards. We should forget the sense of affection as it blurs our mind while performing our duties and meeting out justice. We should strive for excellence in whatever we do. This body is short-lived but the soul is eternal. It never dies. It keeps on changing bodies just as we keep on changing clothes. Fire cannot burn the soul nor can the sword cut it. When death is a must, why should we be afraid of it?

 It was this “celestial song” ‘Gita’ that helped Arjuna to perform his duty boldly and fearlessly, keeping his the struggle always continues in our hearts. Whenever we are in doubt whether we should do something or not, we should seek guidance from The Gita.

`The Mahabharta’ has changed the whole course of my life and I wish that it should be read by everyone. The book is especially recommended for those young people who have yet to begin their careers.

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