57. Letter to the Editor Regarding : Global Warming

By | December 8, 2020
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Letter to the editor is a formal document. In CBSE it is a question to write a letter to the editor of a newspaper. It is asked in Class 8 to Class 12. Considering this we are providing letter to the editor topics to help you to practice, letter to the editor format CBSE class 9 to help you obtain good marks, letter to the editor example for students of class 9 & 10 which is a beginning and letter to the editor on Global Warming. These can be additionally used for the letter to the editor newspaper. So let’s dive in-

Read the two graphs given below. Graph ‘A’ shows the increase in the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere and Graph ‘B’ shows its effect on the temperature that has led to global warming. As Nalin, write a letter to the editor of ‘The Times of India’, showing concern over the matter. Give reasons for the increase in global warming and global temperature and suggest means to curb it.

Ans. 12, Kasim Manzil, Main Market

Dibrugarh, Assam

March 02, 2020



The Editor

The Times of India



Sub: CO2 and Global Warming

Through the column of your esteemed daily, I want to highlight the increase in the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere. This has resulted in global warming and the rise in global temperature. We are condemned to pay a very high price for development and progress. Over the last decade, our environment and atmosphere have suffered severe degradation. The content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has been steadily but surely on the rise.

In 1991, its level in the atmosphere was near 855. In ten years, it has gone up to 870. Similarly, global warming has resulted in a steep rise in temperature. The larger the content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the greater is the global warming. Nothing has caused so much havoc as the deforestation done on a very large scale. Trees are the main source of oxygen. The burning of firewood, coal, and LPG increases the CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Vehicular smoke is another cause of enhancing the CO2 level. If effective and prompt steps are not taken to minimize the CO2 level, the whole atmosphere will turn into a gas chamber.

We have to strike a balance between progress and survival. All factories, vehicles, and devices that produce more than the required level of CO2, must be banned. Reforestation must be launched on a big scale to counter the rise of CO2 in the atmosphere. Save the atmosphere. Otherwise, our survival itself is in danger.

 Yours faithfully


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