117. Short Essay and Article on : Judicial Activism

The function of the court is not merely to interpret the law but to make it effective to further social justice. The executive cries loud that judiciary is trespassing its limitations. But people, in general, are happy. What executive should do is being done by the judiciary. Write an article on Judicial Activism.

Ans.                                                     JUDICIAL ACTIVISM

The role of the judiciary in interpreting the law as per the needs of the time and enforcing it is the real meaning of judicial activism. It is the interference of judiciary where there is a blatant misuse of executive power and where executive goes sentimental towards the corrupt and the anti-social elements. When Parliament becomes irrelevant and ineffective, people have to knock at the doors of the judiciary to get relief. In fact, judiciary corrects the wrongs done by the various agencies of the government. A civilized state cannot survive without judicial activism.

Power corrupts and judiciary with its effective broom sweeps the dust of corruption. In a way, the judiciary is enforcing the law which is the duty of the executive. It steps where the executive fails. Judicial activism is a device to accomplish the cherished goal of social justice. It is immune to political interference and this, the executive does not like. It is an important way to cleanse the system.

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