11. Sample Report Writing:Grooming Club

By | May 4, 2018

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Grooming  Club

” Fun is a part of life”

But Education teacher us the art of life,

Such realizations are sure occasions of celebration,

And without these celebrations there are no aspirations”.

 We are like a book with pages that have stuck together for the want of use. Our minds need unpacking and the talent stored within them needs to be twined lover- from time to time. Skills may lie dormant and seed of talent may deep hidden in the young minds just for the want of exploration but – We member of the growing club hedge every day to explore this dormant skill, creativity and talent with unsolicited endeavor, compassion and unseeing commitment.

The present scenario seems to be forcing us to go back to the earlier days. Enough of tiring researches, complicated web of pedagogism and an unending use of technology.

we have adopted simple ways of developing basic skills of reading, writing and being logical and allow the curious minds to explore the wonderful world of knowledge (not only info), to raise an army of skillful, logical sensitive and wise human beings.

Now a days, we see sort of misbehavior like abnolious behavior against teachers, talking ill of their parents, abusing classmates and other people too. We believe in improving such misbehavior  with cumulative efforts of teachers and students. We provide them a platform where they can express their hidden talents through the medium of creative activity. Although, appear to be a drop in the ocean but it bads to a path that pas followed by would of the likes of Swami Vivekanand, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Arobindo and others.

By and large, It is the time to decide firmly not only to nourish body  and mind but the very basis of these two levels of existence i.e. eternal soul.

we believe in nourishing the soul with universal human values like love for all, compassion, tolerance, contentment and raise a generation of peacemakers

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