12. Sample Report Writing: HOUSE REPORT

By | May 4, 2018

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House Report


Vice-Caption: _____

Prefects: _____

Teachers in Charge: _____

  ”The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

 the year ___ brought with it many new hopes, challenges joys, new obligation and responsibilities. It was a year of all round excellence for the ____ House. A considerable number of scholastic, co scholastic, and non scholastic activities and competitions took place throughout the year. With a mindset of never surrendering before difficulties a great keenness was shown by the students of the ____ House vying for top honours, as well as win and maintain their position like they had done for the last couple of years. Moving on to the journey, the house saw a great chain of victories and disappointments, and it maintains the age old saying, ”Failure is the stepping stone to success.” On account of good team work and the inspired leadership of its senior and junior captains the house played through unbeaten, and once again proved that we are not less than anyone in shouldering responsibilities. The spirit of competition was seen truly alive till the end. ____ House students, like always participated in all the events and took strength  from their ongoing spirit.

The House managed to secure the first position held on ___ Date____. The house embraced again the first position in English Debate Competition held on ___ Date____. The series of standing first continued and the house was fortunate enough to secure the first position once more in Basket Ball Competition held on ___ Date____. ____ House stayed fighters till the end in various competitions and the result of its zeal and enthusiasm was proved when the house secured the third position in Documentary  Complection held on ___ Date____. The house continued to win laurels by showing hopes and hard work and bagged fifth position in Inter House English Extempore Competition held on ___ Date____. Finally the house proved that we leave no stone unturned and we are not less than anyone in  sports also. The house procured fifth position in Inter House Cricket Tournament held on ___ Date____.

All year round, ____ House was seen giving a spirited performance and even though it had its share of victories and disappointments, it should its valour and courage in every field of competition. The teachers and students of ____ House are now gearing up to face another year of tough competition and have pledged to work harder and win a lot of laurels next year. Determination and hard work towards the achievements was quite apparent, for which the house was appreciated with immense applause.

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