3. Describing Object: Computers

By | October 14, 2022
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Describing an object is not a difficult task as most of the objects given in class 9 writing section for describing are familiar to all. So object description can be easily generated. We are giving describing things examples. So you need to remember the proper use and manual of them. Describe using grammatically correct sentences.

Do you think hiding behind computers is running away from society? Write a short paragraph on it.

Ans.                                               COMPUTERS

Technology’s greatest invention is Computers. Computers have had a powerful impact on our society, both good and bad. People have come a very long way with computers. It is evident that computers are used in all spheres of life. Whether it is railway reservation or computer-assisted medication or watching the movie on a DVD player, computers are used in one form or another. However, with everything good that comes, must also come to some harm, and computers are a prime example of that.

 The use of personal computers has given us access to countless source information of knowledge, but it has made us “too personal”. With internet coming live on a personal computer, you can chat with your “unknown” friend from the USA for hours. But you don’t have a few minutes to spend with your grandmother sitting next door. Earlier when there was no craze for personal computers or they were too expensive to buy for personal use, kids used to interact socially. They used to play, laugh, sing and dance together in the neighbourhood parks or compounds. Now computers have confined children to the virtual world. Many children would rather play games on computers than play sports and go outside. This has risen to obesity among children and often leading to chronic diseases like diabetes, heart problems, etc.

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