Invitation Letter Sample, Format, Message & Email


What is an Invitation/Invitation Meaning/Invitation Introduction

An invitation is a short composition. It can be used for various occasions such as birthdays, parties for new-born babies, anniversaries, farewells, promotions, jobs or for success in any field, weddings, engagements, celebrations linked to festivals like Diwali Mela or X’mas dinner.

Types of Invitations

 Invitations are of two types:

  • Formal
  • Informal

 An invitation can be printed on cards or can be drafted in the form of letters.

Points to Remember

Formal Invitations

1.Formal invitations are written in the third person. The person who extends the invitation writes his name.

2. Then comes the name of the person, who is being invited.

3. Date, venue, time should be clearly mentioned.

4. In case, the party is organized at some other place, like a hotel, etc., then the complete address of the person, along with his contact number has to be clearly mentioned.

5. Some formal invitations like the wedding invitations carry the expression of RSVP, which means Repondez Silvous, plait, i.e. please reply.

6. The address of the person who extends the invitation must always be given if the function is organized at some other venue.

Informal Invitations

1. These are like short informal letters.

2. The salutation, subscription, address on the top are the same, like in an informal letter.

3. These are always written in the first person.

Reply (Refusal and Acceptance)

1. A formal reply is like a formal invitation.

2. It is written in the third person.

3. The format will be the same as given in the invitations.

4. No specific reasons are given for refusal. Only expressions like prior commitment, etc. are used.

5. In an acceptance reply, expressions like ‘will be delighted to attend it’ are used.

Informal (Refusal and Acceptance)

1. These are written in the same format as the informal invitation.

2. These are written in the first person.

3. A specific reason for refusal can be given.

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The literary club of your school is putting up the play ‘Waiting for Godot’. As secretary of the club, draft an invitation inviting the famous writer Sudeesh Gupta to be the guest of honour at the function. Write the invitation to not more than 50 words. You are Govinda/Gauri.                          


ABC School

 XYZ Road

New Delhi

29th January 20XX

Respected Sir

 Our school’s literary club is going to showcase the play ‘Waiting for Godot’. The students have prepared for this and will give their best performance. We would be pleased if you could confirm your presence as the guest of honour for the play. Hoping for a positive reply.

Thank you,

Yours truly


(Secretary, Literary Club)


The Managing Director of New Engineers Ltd desires to invite his staff to the New Year party. Design a formal/informal invitation for the occasion.


Dear staff members

 You would be pleased to know that I am organising a party on the New Year at 9 p.m. It would be a good idea to know each other well and enjoy ourselves. The party venue is Blue Radison. I expect the pleasure of you all at the party. It would be a wonderful time together.


 Mr Arun Jha

 (Managing Director)

New Engineers Ltd.

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Mr Aseem Mathur wishes to invite his friend Mr Vikash Sachdeva for his brother’s engagement party. Draft a formal/informal invitation.


12/16 Rajendra Nagar

 New Delhi

15th July 20XX

My Dear Vikash

You will be very glad to know that my brother is getting engaged on 25th July 20XX. My would-be sister-in-law is a simple educated girl. She teaches in a public school. All the things happened so fast that I couldn’t inform you earlier.

I cannot think of celebrating such an important occasion without you. My brother is looking forward to having you with us at the engagement ceremony.

 So come with family,


Aseem Mathur


Write an informal invitation for your childhood friend Vishu, who is in the same town, inviting him to dinner at your residence.

Ans. 16/121 XYZ Road

New Delhi 1100XX

15 September 20XX

My Dear Vishu

I request you to join me and my family at dinner tomorrow at my residence. It has been long we haven’t met and you are my so close childhood friend. I really want you to come and spend some quality time with me.

I am looking forward to your positive response.




You have received an invitation to be the judge for a literary competition in St Ann’s School. Send a reply in not more than 50 words, confirming your acceptance. You are Mohan/Mohini.

Ans. Mr Mohan Sharma thanks St. Ann’s School for their kind invitation for judging the literary competition next week. I would like to inform that it is a pleasure for me to accept the invitation and I will reach the venue surely to judge the brilliant students participating in it. Thanks once again.


Mohan Sharma


You have been invited as a judge for a debate competition by New Era Public School. Draft a formal refusal for the invitation extended.

Ans. 19 Defence Colony

New Delhi

20 February 20XX

Ms Neera Kapoor thanks New Era Public School for inviting her as a judge for the debate competition to be held on Friday, January 18, 20XX at 10 a.m. in the school premises. However, she sincerely apologizes that she will not be able to come as she will be out of the station. She wishes good luck to all the participants. May they do well and debate energetically.

With warm regards

 Neera Kapoor

Reply All- Declining Invitation, reply to invitation acceptance.