Full-Form of ZIP | What Does ZIP Stands for

By | April 28, 2023

 You can try the full form of ZIP and gain confidence at least in ZIP meaning. Edumantra takes good care of you so buying books  for competitive exams is not necessary.  Additionally we would like to tell that the full form of ZIP is Zone Improvement Plan. 

ZIP — Zone Improvement Plan

ZIP Full-Form refers to the Zone Improvement Plan.  ZIP is basically a system consisting of postal codes that are being used by the USPS or the United States Postal Services since the year 1963. This system was assigned the term ‘ZIP’ to indicate that the mail travels more quickly and efficiently when the users utilize the code in the receiver’s postal address.

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ZIP Full-Form | What is Zone Improvement Plan (ZIP)

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There were five numbers in the basic format of the ZIP codes. In the year 1983, it was extended to include four more characters. Thus, the final format includes the code’s five digits, a hyphen, and an extra four digits that help in determining a location more specifically within a provided code.

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Types of ZIP Codes

ZIP codes are of four types. These types are unique, military, PO Box only and standard. The Unique codes are utilized for businesses, government agencies, buildings or universities that receive a very large number of mails. These places have their own codes. For example, CIA in Washington, DC has 20505 as its ZIP code, and FCIC in Colorado have 81009 as the ZIP code. The military ZIP codes are utilized for routing mail for the military of the US. The PO Box codes are only used for the PO Boxes present at a facility. The standard type includes all other codes.

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Scope and Global Mail

Within the US and its territories, the ZIP codes represent the delivery points. This is also true for the overseas stations where the US Armed Forces are present. The ZIP codes are also assigned to certain independent nations like the Republic of Palau, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, and the Federated States of Micronesia. Each of these nations is included in the postal system of the US under an international agreement called the COFA or Compact of Free Association. There are separate PCS or postal code systems in numerous other nations too. Hence, the address in the item that is mailed domestically, but is subjected to foreign delivery must name the recipient’s name in the last line. The name of the country must be written in capital letters, in English and must not be underlined.

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Primary State Prefixes

The first digit of the ZIP codes represents a group of the US states. The second, as well as the third digit, represents that group’s region. The fourth and fifth numbers present the group’s delivery addresses that are within the group’s region. In a region, the main town frequently obtains the first ZIP codes. Since the ZIP is used for increasing the efficiency of postal delivery, there are certain situations where the code crosses the boundaries of a state, like a military facility that covers more than one state, or a state’s remote area that is easily serviceable from the bordering state. For instance, the ZIP code that serves Fort Campbell is 42223. This code covers Montgomery County of the Tennessee state and Christian County of the Kentucky State. Another example is 97635, which is the ZIP code that includes parts of Modoc County of California and Lake County of Oregon.

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