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You can try the full form of RIP and gain confidence at least in Meaning of RIP. Edumantra takes good care of you so buying books  for competitive exams is not necessary.  Additionally we would like to tell that the full form of RIP is Rest in Peace.

full form of RIPRIP — Rest in Peace (or) Requiescat in Pace

RIP Full-Form refers to Rest in Peace (English) (or) Requiescat in Pace (Latin). RIP is an expression used to wish eternal peace and rest to a person who has expired. This expression is usually engraved on the headstones. The catacombs that dated back to the early Christianity had many headstones, on which the ‘dormant in pace’ phrase was present. The RIP acronym is still engraved on the headstones placed in the Christian graveyards.

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RIP Full-Form | What is Rest in Peace (RIP)

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The acronym is used by numerous Christian denominations, like the Anglican Church, the Lutheran Church, and the Catholic Church. Numerous times, the Catholic Church’s burial services, in accordance with the Tridentate Rite, include the Mass for the dead, also called Requiem Mass. The pronunciation of the same phrase the classical Latin is [rekwl’cskat in ‘pake].

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History of the term RIP

According to the research done by the historians, the phrase was not used on the headstones or the tombstones before the start of the eighth century. It became omnipresent on the Christian tombs in the early years of the eighteenth century. The phrase was used by the Roman Catholics as well as the High Church Anglicans as a prayer or a request for the final peace of soul in the afterlife. When people started using this phrase conventionally, the absence of the soul’s reference resulted in the people believing in the supposition that it is the physical body, not the soul, which was destined for peace in its grave. This supposition is in accordance with the concept of Judgment Day given by the Christian Doctrine.

Linguistic Analogues

The RIP acronym and the ‘Rest in Peace’ phrase are also used in other languages. For example, in Arabic, Orqod fi Salaam () in Chinese, Rust in vrede in Dutch, Repose en paix in French, Ruhe in Frieden in Greek, Riposi in pace in Italian, Spoczywaj w pokoju in Polish, etc represents the same phrase.

RIP meaning & definition

Generally, we use this word for the person who is dead. This word really becomes famous in English because we use this word generally even though belong from a different region or has a different mother tongue.

This word comes from the Latin language which is Requiescat in pace but become famous in the English language which is Rest in peace.

Other RIP meaning — Raster image processor, Remote imaging protocol, Routing Information Protocol, Royal Institute of Philosophy, Return if Possible etc.

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