Full-Form of DP | DP Meaning

By | July 14, 2023
Full-Form of DP DP Meaning

Edumantra has the best explained DP full form. Take advantage of freely available full form of DP at our website. Remain full of knowledge of Meaning of DP. We would like to tell that the full form of DP is Display Picture.  

DP — Display Picture

What is DP full form?

DP Full-Form refers to Display Picture. DP is a slang used commonly m online messaging. Many social networking sites and Blackberry Messenger use this slang extensively. The display picture is utilized to denote the user’s profile picture m the social networking websites The display picture conveys loads of information about the personality of the user The term ‘profile pictures’ is gaming more popularity with the introduction of the social networking websites.

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Display Picture (DP)

In the early years of Facebook, for example, people did not pay much attention to the DP. However, the users now take numerous selfies and display the same as their DP within seconds. A large number of people get attracted to a nice display picture. In accordance with the business standards. if an individual is using a DP for portraying his or her profession or business, then it must have enough influence for capturing potentials.

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If such users use a casual DP on their Facebook page or LinkedIn profile, then the user’s clients and customers will not pay significant attention to it. Users can get many benefits by using a nice display picture on their profile People who use recent display pictures keep their followers aware of their activities and presence This picture also helps by reflecting the services and brand values that the user provides. Additionally, cool DPs have the capability of attracting more potential followers and expanding the user’s reach. DP full form is Display Picture. Basically, Display Picture (DP) is used in social media profiles in other words we can say that graphical representation of user identity. The user can upload their photon on social networking sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumbler, Hike, etc. Other full forms of DP in commuter, electronics, Medical, business, share market, finance, Sports etc are given below.

Every social networking site recommends different sizes of the display pictures. In Facebook, the DP should be a minimum of 180480 pixels. Also, the cover picture should be a minimum of 150 pixels in length, and 399 pixels in width. In case the cover picture consists of the user’s text or logo, then the PNO file can be used for obtaining better results.

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The dimensions recommended by Twitter for profile pictures are 400×400 pixels, and for header pictures, it is 1500×1500 pixels. Whatsapp supports photos that have dimensions of at most 640×640 pixels. On YouTube, the size of the channel icon recommended by the website is 800×800 pixels. The format of the images can be PNO or BMP. It does not support GIF images.

Instagram allows images of 110×110 pixels as the display picture. Google+ recommends the cover photos of 2120×1192 pixels and display pictures of 270×270 pixels. For Linkedin, the recommended sizes for cover pictures and display pictures are 646×220 pixels, and 100×40 pixels respectively.

Type of DP to be used

According to the analysis done by the Psychology Department Researchers of the New York University, a bright smile on the user’s face, unblocked eyes, a bright background, well dressed, image up to the user’s waist or shoulders, good color toning, and usage of squint postures forms the most important practices and elements of a good display picture.

 For generating a perfect display picture, the users must utilize a quality camera. Currently, the majority of people take their DP using their smartphones. Hence, a mobile camera of over eight megapixels will help in bringing out more quality display pictures. In the case of the absence of a quality camera, users can edit the DPs using Photoshop for tuning up the images by adjusting brightness and colors, and also by using special effects.

Maintenance of proper dimensions and format is an important step in producing good display pictures. Numerous social networks such as YouTube, Google+, Facebook, etc provide cropping tools so that the users need not utilize third-party took for cropping their images. The thumbnail is another important part. It must be adjusted to display the user’s face properly.

DP full form in computer

DP– Data Processing – IT is a technique to collect and manipulate data into meaningful information. Data processing may involve various processes including Validation, Sorting, Summarization, Analysis, classification, reporting. Various Data Processing software’s are available for data processing some of them are MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel etc.

  • DPDynamic Programming
  • DPDistributed Processing
  • DPDual Processor
  • DPData Packet
  • DPData Privacy
  • DPDiagnostic Program
  • DPDistributed and Parallel
  • DPdecentralized Peripheral
  • DPDigital Painting
  • DPDigital Photography

Full form of DP in electronics

  • DPDescriptive Polarity

Full form of DP in Medical

  • DPDiastolic Pressure (Physiology)
  • DPDistal Pulse (Physiology)
  • DP Deep Pectoral (Physiology)
  • DPDental Pulp (Dental)
  • DPDental Papillae (Dental)
  • DPDisease Proof

Full form of DP in business

  • DPDocument Process
  • DPDistribution Point
  • DPDubai Ports
  • DPDuty Paid
  • DPDeveloper Preview

Full form of DPin share market

  • DPDepository Participant (Stock Exchange)
  • DPDeposit against Payment

DP in finance

  • DPDown Payment
  • DP Domestic Purchase order

Full form of DP in sports

  • DPDouble Play
  • DPDragon Punch (Boxing)
  • DPDodge Points (Gymnastics)
  • DPDutch Pinball
  • DPDisqualified Person

Important full forms of DP

  • DPDouble Penetration (Military)
  • DPDevelopment Plan
  • DPDifferential Pressure (Chemistry)
  • DPDegree of Polymerization (Plastic)
  • DPDot Pitch
  • DPDelhi Police
  • DP Diploma Program

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