BFF Full-Form | What is the Full Meaning of BFF

By | September 9, 2023
BFF Full-Form What is the Full Meaning of BFF

 You can try the full form of BFF and gain confidence at least in the full meaning of BFF. Edumantra takes good care of you so buying books  for competitive exams is not necessary.  Additionally we would like to tell that the full form of BFF is the Binary Format File.


BFF Definition

BFF Full-Form | What is Binary Format File (BFF)

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binary file is a computer file that is not a text file. The term “binary file” is often used as a term … The header often contains a signature or magic number which can identify the format. For example, a GIF file can contain multiple images.

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Best Friends Forever stay with each other for the entire lifetime.

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  • Best Female Friend
  • Binary Format File
  • Backup File Format

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