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By | October 25, 2023
Hard Words The Dear Departed Difficult Words in English edumantra.net

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from The Dear Departed. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying The Dear Departed Word Meanings from Communicative Class 10.”

Hard Words : The Dear Departed Page No. 137

Provincial = rural, non-urban (प्रांतीय), Shabby = worn, tattered (पुराना), Mantelpiece = fireplace ledge, shelf (अंगीठी की धार), Gaudy = flashy, bright (भड़कीला), Vigorous = energetic, robust (जोरदार),

Mourning = grieving, lamenting (शोक), Precocious = advanced, early-bloomer (अकालपरिपक्व), Gallivanting = roaming, wandering (टहलील करना),

Telegram = wire message, communique (तार पत्र), Stooping = bending, hunching (झुका हुआ), Bowler hat = round hat, derby (बोलर टोपी) 

The Dear Departed Difficult Words in English Page No. 138

Yet = still, up to now (अब तक), Sash = band, belt (पट्टी), Outshine = surpass, exceed (चमकना), Prying = nosy, inquisitive (जिज्ञासु), Quarreled = argued, disputed (झगड़ा), Parcel = package, packet (पार्सल),

Trifles = small items, minor things (तुच्छ वस्त्र), Bureau = chest of drawers, cabinet (अलमारी), Stretch = extend, expand (खिंचाव), Wasted = unused, unutilized (बर्बाद)  

Good Word Meaning of Class 10 Lesson The Dear Departed Page No. 139

Arrange = plan, organize (व्यवस्थित करना), Dividing = separating, splitting (विभाजित करना), Bargain = negotiation, deal (सौदा) , Grubbing = digging, searching (खोदना), Startled = shocked, surprised (चौंका हुआ),

Stupefied = astonished, dazed (हैरान), Delicate = sensitive, gentle (सूक्ष्म), Shabby = worn out, tattered (पुराना), Fasten = secure, attach (बाँधना), Instructions = directions, guidelines (निर्देश), Pinching = stealing, taking (चुराना)

The Dear Departed Class 10 English Difficult Words Page No. 140

Shocked = surprised, taken aback (आघातित), Appealed = attracted, pleased (आकर्षित किया), Breathe = utter, mention (जिक्र करना), Peeps = looks quickly, glances (झांकना), Stagger = wobble, teeter (लड़खड़ाना) ,

Flushed = reddened, blushed (लाल हो जाना) , Plaster = coating, layer (लेप), Hush = be quiet, silence (चुप), Fetch = bring, get (लाना), Bureau = writing desk, cabinet (लिखने की मेज़)  

Chapter 13 The Dear Departed Word Meaning in English Page No. 141

Ostentatiously = showily, flashily (दिखावे के लिए), Complacent = smug, self-pleased (आत्म-संतुष्ट), Impassive = unemotional, stoic (भावहीन), Plumes = feathers, crests (पंख), Chirpy = cheerful, peppy (उत्साही),

Solemnly = gravely, seriously (गंभीरता से), Furtively = stealthily, secretly (चुराया हुआ), Sniff = inhale, snuffle (सुंघना), Give way = yield, succumb (हार मानना), Suspiciously = doubtfully, warily (संदेह से), Acidly = tartly, bitterly (तीखे तरीके से)  

Class 10 Chapter 13 The Dear Departed English To English Word Meaning Page No. 142

Fatal = deadly, crucial (घातक), Etiquette = manners, protocol (शिष्टाचार), Restored = revived, renewed (पुनः प्राप्त करना), Drowned = submerged, immersed (डूबना), Humorously = jokingly, wittily (मजाकिया तरीके से),

Pained = hurt, distressed (दुःखित), Crushed = defeated, demoralized (दबाना), Piqued = irritated, annoyed (खीझ), Merry = joyful, cheerful (प्रसन्न), Insurance = coverage, protection (बीमा), Premium = installment, payment (प्रीमियम)  

Word Meaning English of the Lesson The Dear Departed Page No. 143

Hearthrug = fireplace rug, mat (अंगीठी की चटाई), Wandering = confused, delirious (भटकना), Bureau = desk, cabinet (अलमारी), Gone = departed, passed away (चल बसा), Doubt = uncertainty, suspicion (संदेह),

Sudden = abrupt, unexpected (अचानक), Briskly = quickly, energetically (तेज़ी से), Particular = specific, fussy (विशेष), Kettle = pot, container (केतली) , Announcement = declaration, proclamation (घोषणा)  

Class 10 Chapter 13 The Dear Departed Difficult Word Meaning English Page No. 144

Refined = elegant, cultured (संस्कृत), Fancy = like, imagine (कल्पना करना), Rhymed = versified, metered (छंद में रखना), Despised = hated, looked down on (तिरस्कृत), Sacred = holy, revered (पवित्र), Valuables = treasures, assets (मौलिक संपत्ति), Promised = assured, vowed (वादा किया) 

Chapter 13 Communicative The Dear Departed Word Meaning English to Hindi Page No. 145

Amazed = surprised, astonished (आश्चर्यचकित), Receipt = bill, proof of payment (रसीद), Bound = certain, sure (निश्चित), Public-house = tavern, inn (साराय), Overdue = late, outstanding (समय से अधिक)  

Word Meaning Vocabulary of the Chapter The Dear Departed Page No. 146 

Beggar = pauper, vagrant (भिखारी), Annoy = irritate, bother (चिढ़ाना), Swindling = cheating, defrauding (धोखाधड़ी), Timidly = hesitantly, shyly (डर के साथ), Reluctantly = unwillingly, hesitantly (अनिच्छा से),

Bureau = desk, cabinet (मेज़), Artistic = creative, stylish (कला संबंधित), Auction = public sale, bid (नीलाम), Second-hand = used, pre-owned (पुराना), Scared = frightened, terrified (डरा हुआ)  

The Dear Departed Word Meaning with Hindi Page No. 147

Transfixed = stunned, frozen (स्तंभित), Terrified = scared, alarmed (भयभीत), Hist = hush, silence (चुप), Chuckling = giggling, snickering (हंसी), Dressing-gown = robe, cloak (नाइट गाउन),

Stockinged feet = socked, without shoes (मोज़े पहने पैर), Vigorous = active, robust (जोरदार), Malicious = spiteful, harmful (दुर्भावनापूर्ण),

Skips back = jumps, recoils (पीछे उछलना), Gingerly = cautiously, tentatively (सतर्कता से), Solid = firm, tangible (ठोस), Irritated = annoyed, vexed (चिढ़ा हुआ)  

Class 10 English Chapter 13 The Dear Departed Page Word Meanings No. 148

Tomfoolery = nonsense, silliness (मूर्खता), Pleased = happy, contented (प्रसन्न), Surprise = astonishment, shock (आश्चर्य) , Headache = pain, migraine (सिर दर्द), Cemetery = graveyard, burial ground (स्मशान),

Healthy = fit, well (स्वस्थ), Dickens = devil, expression of surprise (अच्छा), Hearth = fireplace, fireside (अंगीठी), Promptly = quickly, immediately (तुरंत), Stretch = expand, lengthen (खिंचाव) ,

Delicate = sensitive, fine (सूक्ष्म), Haste = speed, rush (जल्दी), Blind = curtain, shade (पर्दा), Vindictive = revengeful, spiteful (प्रतिशोधी)

The Dear Departed Class 10 Word Meaning Page No. 149

Fond = affectionate, loving (प्यारा), Disconcerted = unsettled, disturbed (अच्छल), Relation = relative, kin (संबंधी), At a loss = confused, uncertain (गुमराह), Prompting = suggesting, reminding (सुझाव देना),

Funeral = burial, last rites (अंतिम संस्कार), Retires = withdraws, moves back (पीछे हटना), Hungry = famished, starved (भूखा)  

Word Meaning from the Class 10 English The Dear Departed Page No. 150

Jolly = cheerful, merry (मस्त), Appetite = hunger, desire to eat (भूख), Dazed = stunned, bewildered (घबराया हुआ), Fancy = imagination, notion (ख्याल), Snappishly = irritably, sharply (तेजी से),

Recollecting = remembering, recalling (याद करना), Bureau = desk, cabinet (अलमारी), Speechless = without words, silent (मौन)  

The Dear Departed Lesson Word Meanings Page No. 151

Bureau = desk, cabinet (अलमारी), Mantelpiece = fireplace shelf, hearth (चिमनी की खड़ी), Drat = curse, damn (धिक्कार), Robbery = theft, stealing (चोरी), Double-faced = deceitful, two-faced (दोहरा मुखी),

Quarrelling = arguing, bickering (तकरार), Thumping = banging, hitting hard (जोर से मारना), Robbed = stolen from, deprived (चोरी होना), Sneaked = moved stealthily, crept (चुपके से जाना), Hush = quiet, silence (चुप)  

The Dear Departed Difficult Words in English with Hindi Meaning Page No. 152

Chuckles = laugh, giggle (हंसी), Keen = eager, sharp (तीव्र), Will = testament, declaration (वसीयत), Hard on me = strict, harsh (कठोर),

Lottery-like = random, chance-based (भाग्यशाली), Fancy = like, prefer (पसंद), Comfortable = cozy, relaxed (सुविधाजनक)  

The Dear Departed Word Meanings from Communicative Class 10 Page No. 153

Quarrel = dispute, disagreement (झगड़ा), Proud = arrogant, self-satisfied (गर्वित), Senses = faculties, understanding (समझ), Consteration = dismay, alarm (चिंता), Fixed up = arranged, settled (तय किया हुआ) 

Difficult Words in English from The Dear Departed Page No. 154

Surprise = astonishment, shock (आश्चर्य), Burden = load, weight (बोझ), Ceremony = ritual, rite (समारोह), Bureau = desk, cabinet (अलमारी), Handier = more convenient, useful (सुविधाजनक), Carry = transport, convey (उठा कर ले जाना)