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Debate Writing Format CBSE with Examples


A debate is a formal contest of argumentation in which two opposing teams de-fend and attack a given proposition. It is a persuasive manner of speaking with the aim of converting the view of another person, or an audience, to your own point of view. In this speech, the speaker speaks either for or against the issue being discussed.

Debate Writing Format

  • Salutation: Address the jury and the audience properly
  • Introduction: Begin with a quotation, question or interesting statistics
  • Stating the stand: Make your stand very clear from the very beginning
  • Main points: Highlight the main points very emphatically
  • Develop points: Substantiate them with relevant examples. statistics. etc
  • Conclusion: State your own opinion or view in the concluding lines to emphasise your stand on the issue

Points to remember

  • Open by addressing the audience with ‘Respected chairperson, members of the jury, and dear friends’. or begin with a simple `Good morning, ladies and gentlemen’.
  • Begin the first paragraph by making your stand clear, that is, mention ‘the motion tabled before the house is ……and state whether you’re speaking ‘strongly in favour of … or ‘firmly against…’ the issue.
  • Develop 3-4 good points in support of your stand and negate at least two points of your opponent.
  • Try to give a strong example with your best point.
  • Language structures used should be specific to a debate.
  • At least one point could be built up by asking a series of questions for more effective presentation. For example. instead of making a statement such as ‘classroom teaching methods even today are often mundane and boring…’, it would be more effective if the point was conveyed thus- – ‘In today’s technology-driven world, may I ask why classroom teaching methods are still so mundane and boring?’
  • Conclude with your strongest point and reiterate your stand once again (use a quotation if possible).

Some Sample and Examples of Best Debate Writing Topic. Go through these debate writing examples and gain knowledge- 

1.Best Debate Writing Topic: Animal Performance Should Be Banned In Circus
2.Best Debate Writing Topic: We are Producing more and more rubbish
3.Best Debate Writing Topic: The Age of Information Technology
4.Best Debate Writing Topic: Eve-teasing
5.Best Debate Writing Topic: “Is City life better than living in a Village”
6.Best Debate Writing Topic: Punishment Is Necessary For Every Wrong Act
7.Best Debate Writing Topic: Democratic Countries
8.Best Debate Writing Topic: Computer Are Being Used More
9.Best Debate Writing Topic: “Dowry is undoubtedly a social evil “